The new Heavydrive catalogue


The reference book for glaziers, façade builders and metalworkers with the latest products

In addition to its tried-and-tested transportation and lifting devices, Heavydrive showcases a wide variety of new glass assembly products and extraordinary case studies from different construction projects in its latest, 360-page catalogue.


New, flexible assembly aids

The brand new Heavydrive KGK product line. This manual crane comes with a counterweight and adjustable extension arm, so is perfect for lifting and manoeuvring panes, slabs, doors and more. The KGK assembly aid is available in two models and can be ordered with different add-ons, for example a cable winch. Heavydrive has also added new assembly devices to its VSG vacuum suction systems, GMG glass assembly devices and small assembly aids.

Illustrated assembly solutions in the new Heavydrive catalogue
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New Heavydrive KGK assembly aid
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Practical reference book for the glazing industry

The chapter on glass assembly solutions is packed with examples of tricky assembly projects around the globe. Illustrated with graphics and photos, the assembly projects demonstrate the flexibility of the Heavydrive devices and the possibilities for combining them. From international, long-term projects such as the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg (Russia) to assembling heavy stone slabs in Switzerland, the case studies help glaziers, façade builders and metalworkers to plan their own projects.


As in previous issues, the new catalogue offers a comprehensive overview of the logistics, ordering process, and project planning and development at Heavydrive. The catalogue is available to download now on the Heavydrive website as an interactive PDF. Alternatively, printed copies can be ordered via the company.

Glass assembly with Heavydrive systems on the Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg (Russia)
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