Lifting panes to heights of above 30m


There is a new, unusual church landmark in Poing, Munich: a 900sqm, 30-metre tall building based on a spectacular architectural design concept with eight extra-large window panes. Heavydrive GmbH used their professional equipment and trained personnel to take on the challenging assembly of the glass elements.


15,000 white, three-dimensional tiles adorn the fa├žade, allowing the church to shine as it reflects the sunlight. At first glance, the modern church appears almost windowless. But the building has three large window openings that flood the inner space with light from every side. The large panes on three parts of the building are part of the impressive design concept by Munich architecture firm, Meck.

Neue Pfarrkirche in Poing
New church in Poing
Images rights: Heavydrive GmbH
Transport der Heavydrive Anlage ├╝ber die Kirche
Transportation of the Heavydrive system over the church
Image rights: Heavydrive GmbH


Lifting panes to heights of above 30m


Replacing a damaged pane on the north-west side of the church posed a huge challenge to the construction team. On that side of the building, there is a park that is closed off to vehicles, and there was no time for the team to obtain access rights. This meant the 1,200kg glass element measuring 5.7m x 3.2m could not be moved directly into the building, and the team needed to come up with an efficient and customised solution.


Heavydrive GmbH delivered the VSGS 2000 K MH vacuum suction system and the VSG 2000 counterweight system for the job. The structure of the panes required a suction system fitted with special suction pads. The system was adapted and ready for use within a few minutes. It could then be attached directly to the truck-mounted crane and used right away. With instructions from the Heavydrive experts, the crane operator steered the system over the 30-metre high and wide church with precision.

On the other side of the building, the damaged pane was lifted out and removed. The new fa├žade pane was fitted the same way. Securely suctioned, the vacuum suction system lifted the glass element over the building into the fa├žade opening. The Heavydrive expert instructed the crane driver as he manoeuvred the pane accurately into the desired position. Within three hours the damaged pane had been replaced.

Pane assembly in record time

In total, Heavydrive GmbH installed eight panes in the new church. Every single pane posed a challenge for the team. The panes had to be lifted under overhangs up to 3m deep and inserted into openings flush with the ground. They used the MRK 86.0 S1 mini crawler crane and the VSG 1200 KH vacuum suction system. The crane passed the panes over the building. In just one day, all of the panes were safely and precisely installed thanks to Heavydrive technology.

Scheibenmontage an der R├╝ckseite des Kirchengeb├Ąudes
Pane assembly at the back of the church
Image rights: Heavydrive GmbH

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