Heavydrive sets curved panes in Luxembourg

At a boutique in downtown Luxembourg, two curved panes weighing 850 and 950 kilos were installed using the special Heavydrive assembly systems. The difficulty lay in the very narrow entrance to the pedestrian zone, where the construction site had to be cordoned off to ensure the safety of passers-by.

The VSG 950 KR Heavydrive suction system was used in combination with the VSG 2000 Konter counter beam to install the panes. The vacuum suction system was specially developed for convex and concave panes and has a load capacity of 950 kilos. The assembly systems were attached directly to the truck-mounted crane. The operator was able to precisely control the Heavydrive counter-traverse via radio remote control and thus safely balance the weight of the glass elements. In addition, the traverse made it possible to transport the panes safely under the ledge of the building. "Even our large systems are designed so compactly and flexibly that they can be used in confined spaces and transport panes safely under difficult conditions. We are very pleased that we were once again able to impress our on-site assembly partner with our systems and services,” says Managing Director Guenter Uebelacker.

Within half a day, the heavy, curved insulating glass panes were securely attached to the rounded corners of the upper and lower floors of the building.

Installation of the panes with the VSG 950 KR suction system in combination with the VSG 2000 Konter counter beam
Image rights: Heavydrive GmbH
Installation of two curved insulating glass panes in the Luxembourg pedestrian zone
Image rights: Heavydrive.com

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