Heavydrive supports Montec with the installation of glass art in the Craiova Art Museum 


In the Craiova Art Museum (Romania), renowned Romanian architect Dorin Ștefan presents his latest work, the Brincusi Pavilion. The work of art consists of large glass panes in various special arrangements, mounted horizontally and vertically. The beholder rides in a circular glass lift from the ground floor up into the work of art above. As the glass elements were unable to be installed using conventional equipment, Heavydrive developed a special suction system.


Montec GmbH, a company based in the Bavarian-Swabian town of Asbach-Bäumenheim, provided the entire assembly planning for this very special project and also carried out the entire assembly of the earthquake-proof steel substructure and the highly sensitive glass façade. Heavydrive is particularly pleased to have been able to support Montec GmbH in this challenge with the right glass installation equipment. For the glass pavilion, six panes from Finnglass measuring 2.4 by 12.5 metres and weighing 2.8 tonnes had to be set vertically in grooves. Plus, the elements have undulating contours and are narrower at the bottom than at the top. The panes have crossbars to support the horizontal glass elements. During the installation process, there is very little stability – only the finished work of art itself is stable. The panes could not be suctioned on directly because of their crossbars and special shape.



Pane installation by VSG 4000 KM H at the Brincusi Pavilion, Craiova Art Museum (Romania)
Image rights: montec-gmbh.de

The challenge:

Due to the differently shaped waves, it was not possible to suction on the panes directly.
During installation, stability was critical. The crossbars had to be taken into consideration, and a strong wind was blowing

The solution:

Heavydrive developed special spacers on the suction cups for optimal suctioning and placement of the wavy panes.

Heavydrive system transports 12.5 metre high designer pane with undulating contours
Image rights: montec-gmbh.de

Special design of the suction system

To resolve the situation, Heavydrive developed special spacers on the suction plates to bridge the distances to the crossbars over the entire span width of the glass pane. This allowed the adapted VSG 4000 KM H vacuum suction system to install the panes safely and without incident, despite the strong wind. The six designer panes were produced by sedak, a glass manufacturer from Gersthofen in Germany.

For the second construction phase, Heavydrive supplied the equipment for glazing the outer façade and encapsulating the work of art. Twelve glass panes measuring 3 by 12.5 metres and weighing 3.4 tonnes, three roof panes measuring 3 by 9 metres and several four-tonne glass panes measuring 2.5 by 11 metres were set in place using the VSG 4000 KM H vacuum suction lifter. Heavydrive brought the project to a successful conclusion together with the industrial installation company Montec GmbH.


Individual installation solutions for complex building projects


“This project presented immense challenges,” explains Günter Übelacker, Managing Director of Heavydrive. “We are all the more thrilled to have been able to complete the installation on schedule and without any problems using our custom-built system.” As early as the planning phase, Heavydrive works with the customer to develop an ideal solution, adapted to the construction site situation concerned, that takes account of all factors such as weather, uneven ground and so on. The experts produce customised solutions for complex installation work in the company’s own workshop.

Installing the glass elements for the Brincusi Pavilion, Craiova Art Museum (Romania)
Image rights: montec-gmbh.de

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