Heavydrive devices rise to any challenge


The systems successfully complete their operation in Salt Lake City

The Heavydrive systems were being used for one whole year in Salt Lake City (Utah, USA) – and under extreme conditions. Large and heavy panes, assembly under overhangs and temperatures as low as -10°C made fitting façade elements impossible with conventional systems. With the help of Heavydrive’s special systems, the massive project was able to be completed successfully.


Intensive pre-planning with the client

One year before work commenced, the project manager of the Mormons’ new headquarters got in touch with the Heavydrive managing director. The architecture of the approx. 80 metre high building included a façade with glass panes of 3 metres wide and 10.7 metres high and weighing 3.2 tonnes, and fitting a 10.7 metre high and 60 cm wide glass fin. Heavydrive GmbH developed a custom solution for this: a counterweight traverse with a capacity of 5,000kg, a fin suction system with a capacity of 1,000kg and the flexible VSG 3500 K 4-circuit system with a capacity of 3,500kg.

To see the Heavydrive team's professionalism and the quality of the systems for himself, the client personally travelled to Germany in May 2015. The construction manager was won over by a field test of the VSG 6000 K suction system used in combination with the VSG 7000 counterweight traverse, attached to a truck-mounted crane, with its capacity of 7 tonnes. Just two weeks later the contract was signed. “With intensive planning beforehand and detailed talks with the construction management, we were able to put together an ideal assembly solution that complied with all of the project’s demands”, said managing director Guenter Uebelacker.

Mormon headquarters after completion
Image: Heavydrive
VSG 3500 K and VSG 5000 counterweight traverse
Image: Heavydrive

The challenge:

Large and heavy panes, mounting under a 3-m overhang and in temperatures as low as -20°C.

The solution:

The VSG 3500 K suction system in combination with the VSG 5000 counterweight beam
The VSG 1000 KL 9 vacuum suction system for the extremely tall and narrow glass fins
Winter proof suction cups for temperatures as low as -20°C

Reliable use on the construction site

The systems also won over the client on-site. The VSG 3500 K suction system, in combination with the VSG 5000 counterweight traverse, were able to fit the panes underneath a 3 metre deep overhang without any problem. The VSG 1000 KL 9 vacuum suction system enabled extremely narrow and high glass fin panes weighing 860kg to be fitted without a glitch. Thanks to the weatherproof suction pads which can withstand temperatures as low as -20°C, the assembly went smoothly and was reliable and safe even in wintry temperatures.

As planned, and to the customer’s complete satisfaction, the three systems supplied by Heavydrive completed their operation in Salt Lake City in November 2016. The devices are already currently being used on other projects in the USA.

VSG 1000 KL 9 and VSG 5000 counterweight traverse; Image: Heavydrive

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