Assembly of panes more than 9 metres long in Milan


Heavydrive’s special VSG 3500 K MH suction system was used to assemble very large, heavy façade elements in a newly constructed showroom in Milan. The pane elements weighed up to 3,300kg.


Heavydrive received the order around 5pm. The device was immediately loaded onto the truck, delivered overnight and was ready for use the next morning. The vacuum suction system was attached to the crane on site in Milan. The operator then used remote control to securely suction the panes (measuring just over 9m long) and move them accurately into their openings.


Heavydrive was contracted by South Tyrolean steel and façade building firm Pichler Projects, who rehired the team for a second project a few months later. “We are delighted that our customers are impressed with our special devices. We are constantly developing our suction systems and transportation devices to be able to meet increasingly sophisticated façade designs with ideal assembly solutions.”


The Heavydrive VSG 3500 K MH has a lifting capacity of up to 3,500kg, can be tilted hydraulically by 90 degrees and can be rotated 360 degrees by motor. The system runs on a 4-circuit safety system and is powered by a 24-Volt battery. Like all Heavydrive suction systems, the VSG 3500 K MH is available to rent and to buy.

Heavydrive assembly of 3.3-tonne façade elements in Milan
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