Assembly of lift/lower fronts on the Jumeirah Palm island in Dubai (UAE)


On behalf of a Swiss customer, Heavydrive delivered various special systems to the Jumeirah Palm island in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Two lift/lower fronts, which can be lowered in the ground at the touch of a button, were installed on a villa on the island.

The glass elements, weighing 6.3 tonnes (13,889 lbs) and 2.4 tonnes (5,291 lbs) and measuring 15,651 x 3,161 millimetres (616 x 124 inches) and 5,841 x 3,161 millimetres (230 x 124 inches), were installed using the Heavydrive VSG 7000 KMH suction system with a load capacity of 7,000 kilograms (15,432 lbs) and a span width of 13 metres (42.6 ft), as well as a MRK chain hoist. The smaller suction system, the VSG 900 KS, safely guided and inserted the panes in situ. The distance from the suction system suspension to the glass surface meant that the 800 millimetre (31 inch) deep projection could be bridged without a problem.

The order was handled by Heavydrive GmbH Switzerland, the company's subsidiary in Freienbach. The equipment was securely packed, loaded and delivered by the German headquarters in Tapfheim. Heavydrive also handled the freight and customs procedures. As soon as the assignment in Dubai was complete, the Heavydrive equipment was shipped back to Tapfheim.

Heavydrive systems being securely packed and loaded at the company's headquarters in Tapfheim Image rights:
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Palm Jumeirah (Dubai). Image: iStock

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