Assembly of curved panes in a skydiving tunnel in Belgium

The request from the owner of a Belgian bodyflying facility came just before Christmas. for the wind tunnel, ten inwardly curved panes were to be used. On December 23, Heavydrive delivered the assembly equipment to the construction site on the Belgian-Luxembourg border in the company's own truck. The MRK 168 mini crane with a hook height of 16.8 meters and a load capacity of 4,000 kilos was used to assemble the curved panes, which weighed 1,200 kilos.

The VSG 1200 KR vacuum suction system was attached to the mobile crawler crane. The intake system is suitable for convex and concave windows and has a load capacity of up to 1,200 kilos. Thanks to the 48 flexibly adaptable suction pads, the heavy glass elements could be safely sucked in.

Like all Heavydrive suction systems, the VSG 1200 KR can be tilted steplessly through 90 degrees and rotated through 360 degrees. This meant that the ten concave panes could be installed on time without any problems.

The customer also benefited from the all-round service provided by the Tapfheim-based company. Immediately after the systems arrived at the construction site in Belgium, the experienced Heavydrive fitter personally instructed the customer on the assembly equipment. For questions or emergencies, the team of experts was also available during the Christmas holidays.

Heavydrive is a specialist in the complicated assembly of discs in a wide variety of shapes. For convex and concave glass elements, the company offers a wide range of special suction systems with a load capacity of up to 4,000 kilos. All Heavydrive systems are easy to operate and meet the highest safety standards. The assembly devices can be delivered from the headquarters in Tapfheim within twelve hours throughout Germany and within a few days worldwide. Until the end of April there is a 30 percent discount on rental systems for short-term use!

Pane assembly with Heavydrive suction system
and mini crane Skydiving facility in Belgium
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Pane installation with Heavydrive suction system and mini crane at a skydiving facility in Belgium
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