Custom installation solution

We look after the design and develop new auxiliary equipment for your particular application. We can also construct or combine customised installation solutions.

Special equipment manufactured in line with customer requirements

The world of architecture is constantly evolving, with increasingly complex designs and the use of heavier and larger glass elements. We at Heavydrive specialize in developing custom installation solutions by professionals, for professionals. In the company's own workshop, our specialist staff manufacture systems and devices that are precisely tailored to your installation situation.

Our services include not only the development of new customised systems, but also the modification of products already available on the market. We at Heavydrive make no compromises when it comes to ensuring that your installation assembly tasks are completed with efficiency and accuracy.


Examples of special equipment made in line with customer requirements



Showcase dismantling by load arm with two suction systems on assembly lift

The solution for dismantling glass showcases containing works of art -> a load arm with 2 suspended vacuum suction systems on an assembly mounting lift


Walk-in basket as 3-axis manipulator for glass installation

This 3-axis manipulator shaped like a walk-in basket makes it easy for assembly staff to optimally position panes on the exterior.


Subframe construction on counterweight beam for assembling stone elements

A counterweight system with a subframe construction allowed stone façade elements to be placed beneath a projection ->Report on the construction site situation


Plan now for future projects!

Take the time to plan your system assignments well in advance!
Thanks to advance planning, your equipment will be perfectly maintained and ready to use on the construction site whenever you need it.
We'll be happy to help you plan your project and select the right assembly equipment!


Plan now,

Heavydrive Beraterin

Integrative concept

Not only are the Heavydrive installation devices mutually compatible, they are also extremely versatile and can be easily combined with standard construction machines. For example, a counterweight beam with suction system can be attached to a construction crane to move heavy loads safely and efficiently.

Heavydrive is all about optimising your assembly processes and giving you the tools you need to get the job done. Our flexible, versatile and cost-effective solutions equip you to take on any challenge.

Examples of Heavydrive installation devices combined with standard construction machines



7-axis manipulator

The 7-axis manipulator has been designed so that it can be connected to an indoor or off-road forklift in just a few simple steps.


Modified mini crane

Heavydrive installation devices can be combined to perfection
-> In this example, mini crane with assembly tip and manipulator


Counterweight beam

Can also be ideally combined with standard construction machines
-> In this example, counterweight beam with suction system attached to a construction crane


Suction systems attached to mobile crane

Our suction systems can also be used on a mobile crane.


Suction lifter on telescopic platform

Our suction lifters can also be used with a telescopic platform.