Workshop & maintenance

Our proficient qualified personnel maintain and repair devices – not just ours, but others’ too – and ensure first-class maintenance

Accident prevention regulation testing

We perform accident prevention regulation testing regularly and before every dispatch. We bear personal responsibility and ensure that every system that leaves our premises is thoroughly checked. On request we can issue a certificate for every delivery.

We are happy to help you with regularly renewing the accident prevention regulation for any equipment you have bought from us..

We also offer a special service into the bargain: regular accident prevention regulation testing of your devices. Mini crawler cranes and suction systems are professionally checked according to the strict accident prevention regulation guidelines and are repaired quickly and reliably as needed.

Heavydrive is the service point for mini crawler cranes for manufacturers Maeda, Unic and Jekko (service with accident prevention regulation)

Would you like to know more about the accident prevention regulation service?

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Excellently maintained equipment

Each Heavydrive system is serviced according to a special maintenance plan in summer and winter. In the company's own workshop in the Tapfheim headquarters, trained Heavydrive employees keep the rental park in top conditions at all times. The systems are meticulously cleaned and maintained according to a thorough control system.

“Of course this laborious maintenance makes operating our systems rather expensive. But it guarantees the devices have a long service life and ensures the quality of our Heavydrive fleet”, explains managing director Guenter Uebelacker. The greatest benefit of this elaborate maintenance to the customer on the construction site is the top condition and reliability of the rented Heavydrive equipment.

Replacement parts service

To keep your device in good condition, we offer a large range of replacement parts. This guarantees you only have a short downtime.

If you need a replacement part for an assembly crane, vacuum suction system or other device that you purchased from us, or you have a problem with a device, contact us, and we will work together to find the right solution.




Efficiency & safety PLUS

Our damage statistics in recent years is currently at 0.001% of turnover. In 65% of jobs, customers choose to rent our crane and equipment operators, which clearly speaks for itself.