Training & certificates

Crane training by crane experts or introductions to/training in devices right at the construction site.



Crane training in theory and practice

In connection with hiring or purchasing our assembly cranes, you can also book crane training with us – the courses are flexible, tailored to your existing knowledge and practically orientated.


Heavydrive's crane expert Markus Striedl holds the training courses in theory and practice at the headquarters in Tapfheim. Many professional associations offer crane certificates, but mostly without practice. Heavydrive's crane certificate offers everything in one place. Theory alone is not enough.


Training can be booked for one to ten people per course, and at short notice. The wide range of Heavydrive cranes, assembly devices and suction systems offers diverse opportunities to get plenty of experience with the devices.


The duration of the course depends on the knowledge of the participants and the necessary training time. For beginner-level customers, the course normally lasts five working days. To receive a crane certificate, at the end of the course the participants have to prove what they have learned in a test. If they pass the test, the participants receive a certificate and a reference manual.


Why a crane license?

A crane license has been required by clients on construction sites for years. The reasons usually lie in liability. A prudent crane driver with a crane license and experience causes less collateral damage than an operator who has been instructed and has no experience.

And experience also saves time and money in the long term. The professional associations also require the training of crane personnel (§ 29 BGV D6)

A crane license is valid for life and can be extended to other crane types through additional training.


Contents of crane courses?

  • Appropriate and safe operation of cranes and equipment
  • Legal requirements and responsibilities of a crane operator
  • Rules of conduct for crane operating and personal protective equipment (accident prevention regulations)
  • Structural stability, handling of loads, load charts, lifting slings
  • Crane testing, daily operational testing
  • Maintenance and care
  • Special operations, behaviour in event of malfunctions


For further information, individual enquiries and to book a place on a course, our employees are available by phone on +49 9070 968 96 900 or by email at

Equipment training

When you rent equipment over a longer period of time or if you buy equipment, it is not only vital to know how to operate it but also that you know how to use it to its full potential. We would be glad to give you or your employees an introduction to using your special device.

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