Technical consultation

We can support you in your search for the right device for your needs. Save money by saving time.

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Consultation for custom solutions

The industry is faced with more and more challenges. Construction components are becoming larger and heavier, assembly more complicated, and logistical processes more complex. So our experienced and professional team is available for consultation. We can support you in your search for the right device(s) for your needs. Save money by saving time: fewer personnel incidents due to peak safety conditions with the right devices.

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Planning from structural analysis to final acceptance

Heavydrive offers everything from planning to implementation in one place.

The industry is faced with more and more challenges. Panes and construction components are becoming larger and heavier, assembly more complicated, and logistical processes more complex.

With our one-stop service you will be supported from initial planning to processing and implementation of your project, whether it’s for large or small panes, special custom-made solutions or in remote operation sites.

Especially for large, international projects, intensive pre-planning is critical. The more detail and the earlier we know about the requirements and construction conditions, the better we can develop an optimal customised assembly solution..

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Projects in Germany and abroad

Heavydrive is your partner for comprehensive and extreme tailor-made, customised glass assembly projects worldwide. We handle all of the planning and implementation of concepts for you, including static or dynamic FEM calculations, development, manufacturing, full assembly to delivery and final acceptance at the site. And all of this includes customs and freight documentation..

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An example of a large international project:

Heavydrive GmbH was used for an international organisation in Geneva. The team replaced five 2.2 metre wide and 13.1 metre tall panes weighing 1.5 tonnes.

It was a job for the VSG 3500 K vacuum suction system, attached to the MRK 195 mini crawler crane.

It was not just in transport and assembly that we proved our expertise in Switzerland; our experts also gave advice and support in the planning phase. The building was erected in 1970 and had sustained earthquake damage. So before the panes were replaced, our team assisted with planning for the necessary intensive safety precautions.

Around the clock – our 24-hour hotline

Heavydrive hotline: +49 9070 968 96 90 1

You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because our customers use our devices worldwide, we have made ourselves at home in different time zones and different weekly schedules, for example in Arab-speaking countries Sunday is a normal working day for us. Airfreight traffic is usually done on weekends or overnight.

We are always reachable and ready to go!

Customisable device finder

Do you need help choosing an assembly aid device for your construction site? Just enter a few details about the construction conditions and the size and weight of the object that needs lifting. Then our new device finder will be able to help you in your search.

We developed the device finder specially to be able to work out the most suitable device for the construction conditions of your project quickly and easily. With just a few clicks you can configure the right equipment for you in a results list. The products are linked to the corresponding product pages where you can find all the relevant information. It’s easy to use so that inexperienced users can also find their way around easily.

Test our innovative device finder and let it convince you of our diverse range of assembly and lifting devices.

Digital Services

Although the main communication with the customer is currently still over the phone, Heavydrive GmbH also provides many digital services.

On the one hand, the Heavydrive app is available in four languages ​​(Russian, French, English and German), which offer all of our digital services with just one click.

With the Heavydrive WhatsApp service, the team is available 24/7 if you have any questions or problems. Digitization can improve the quality and efficiency of assembly enormously. Processes and problem situations are simply documented as a film or photo and sent directly to the service team. A live connection to the construction site via video telephony is also possible. In this way, the Heavydrive experts can get an idea of ​​the construction site situation in real time and find the best answer and solution.

International video conferences via Skype, WebEx, Zoom etc. can be held.

Here the digital services of Heavydrive GmbH are summarized in a video:

Advice on the optimal mounting solution for your BV

Our experts are at your service to explain what mounting equipment is right for what job and help you choose the right solution—tailored to your specific construction requirements.

To do so, the site requirements need to be clarified upfront, e.g.:

  • What is the ceiling load bearing capacity?

  • How can the floor in the building be accessed?

  • What type of underfloor does the site have?

  • Does the site have raised flooring?

Once these factors are clear, we can go about drawing up a proposal for the equipment you need.

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In the example below, a projection under the element where the glazing is to be fitted poses a problem. With a "standard solution” comprising a vacuum suction system attached to the hook on a mini crane boom, it isn’t possible to reach far enough enough beneath the projection. Here, one solution would be to use one of Heavydrive’s proprietary heavy-load tips. Or another possibility for this situation would be a counterweight traverse.

In the next scenario, the glazing cannot be installed from the outside. Here, a Heavydrive assembly crane would be the optimum solution (see pictures below) thanks to the zero-emissions electric motor as well as the low crane weight and resultant low ground pressure.  

When installing glazing from the outside on angled surfaces or even overhead, Heavydrive overhead manipulators are the perfect solution, easily fitting the glazing securely in any position at any height.


Test first, buy later

Often it is hard to decide whether one special piece of equipment is right for your intended use. Test the device in practice before buying it. So there is no risk.

Just inquire.