More than just device rental


Heavydrive offers you assembly concepts, tailored exactly to your needs






Rental including an experienced operator

We are your specialists for tricky construction conditions and as every circumstance is new and different, we have an extensive fleet of special devices available for hire. For the greatest possible efficiency when installing these machines we recommend hiring one of our experienced operators. Then you will have a complete solution and won’t need to worry about anything else.

So ask for an experienced operator with your order.



Affordable long-term rental offers

If you need to hire a device for a long-term project, you don’t necessarily have to buy it.

In this case a long-term rental will pay off: the longer you rent, the cheaper it is to hire the device – due to fixed-cost degression.

More benefits for you:

- Proficient introduction and training by a crane expert

- Regular reviews of the device and level of knowledge of a service engineer

- Save on external operating personnel

- Training for your employees: “training on the job” – almost like on your own machines

Enquire now and we will make you a fair offer – it’s better to rent cheap than buy expensive!

Fast equipment replacement for changing construction site conditions

On the construction site, not everything can be planned and predicted, for example the weather. It becomes increasingly difficult when there are many machines at the same time which get in each other's way. No matter what, we have a large rental park and can react quickly to your needs and ship from stock. With our delivery service of 12 or 24 hours, we can deliver or replace equipment overnight. Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know what you need - and ask us!