The advantages of the GMG glass assembly device

Complete elaborate manipulator head, which allows for more precise fine adjustment of the glass pane, without causing the glass pane to go off track.

Larger angles and distances possible than with the competing products. For example, it is possible to insert a pane into a horizontal frame without tilting it.

Einzigartig am Markt:

Fine adjustment of the glass pane without changing the angle!

What makes us different from the competitors:

      • Because of their design, competitive devices can usually move only 10 cm leftright, in circular motion. As a result, the glass pane tilt and must be readjusted

      • Competitive devices do not usually have a suction system with a fine stroke capability. Since only the lift arm has a fine stroke, the glass pane is always swinging and tilting and needing to be readjusted

      • More fine stroke between 0-200/500 mm vertical and 100 mm horizontal