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Included services

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Telephone advice from our competent team


Advice on rental, purchase and project planning

Whether you want to rent just a small piece of equipment, make a no-obligation enquiry, ask detailed technical questions or are looking for an installation solution for a complex construction project – Heavydrive's experienced experts will provide you with professional advice tailored to your needs. Our team will gather detailed information about your construction project, advise you on the potential uses of various items of installation equipment adapted to the conditions on your construction site and find the ideal solution for your construction project.

You can contact us by phone, email, WhatsApp or video chat.

Simply get in touch through these channels or use our free call-back service! We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice.

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Handling service

Heavydrive offers an end-to-end service: Whatever the project - be it large or small panes, custom products, challenging site conditions, extreme climatic conditions or remote locations around the world - our experienced and professional team helps customers to plan, execute and realise their project from the very outset.


Payment and financing options to suit your needs

If you do not have the full purchase price available immediately, we offer leasing, hire purchase, financing or payment by instalments as alternatives. This offers our customers

  • Maximum flexibility.
  • Predictable monthly amounts instead of a one time payout
  • Manageable levels of risk
  • and more.

With our range of finance offers, you can boost your flexibility and your team's productivity for a small outlay!

Heavydrive remains neutral

We at Heavydrive don't want to make money from leasing. That's why your choice of leasing partner is completely up to you. It can even your own bank if you wish – you decide!

Enquire now! We will make you a fair offer.

Maximum flexibility through leasing

With leasing in particular, you can:

  • Use your collateral for other purposes, as you only have to cover 1 monthly instalment, not the total price.
  • Reduce your "ownership" (e.g., for liability purposes).
  • Afford more accessories for your equipment without having to pay the full purchase price immediately. And the higher the total purchase costs, the lower your pro rata cost per month!
Table with financing options at Heavydrive
Various options for comparison


Fast and customised delivery options

Heavydrive has a worldwide, professional logistics system. We deliver your equipment to the construction site anywhere in Germany within 12 hours and to other countries within 24 hours. The systems are securely packed and professionally transported. Heavydrive experts take care of all the necessary freight and customs documents. The shipped items of equipment have real-time trackers. This means we know where the systems are and can monitor their status, such as battery performance, at all times.

Thanks to our large range of installation equipment, we can also respond immediately to requests and supply the right system at short notice. Heavydrive's subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Switzerland and Dubai guarantee customers even faster delivery and expert advice on site.

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Long-term rental models

Even if you need a system for a long-term project, there is no obligation to buy. This is where a long-term rental can pay off: The longer you rent, the cheaper the equipment becomes due to fixed cost degression.

You also get expert instruction and training from a crane expert and your equipment will be inspected by a service technician on a regular basis.

Enquire now! We will make you a fair offer.


Equipment replacement & spare parts service

Equipment replacement

On construction sites, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. If the weather suddenly changes, you encounter unforeseen problems during installation or your equipment fails – we will respond to your needs right away. Heavydrive has a large fleet of equipment and can deliver or replace systems within 12 hours throughout Germany and 24 hours worldwide.


Spare parts service

We offer a wide range of spare parts. This ensures minimal downtime. If you need a spare part for an assembly crane, vacuum suction system or other item purchased from us, or if you have any problems with your equipment, simply contact us and we will work with you to find the right solution. And we can also source the spare part you need for third-party equipment from manufacturers including Maeda, Unic, Kappel and Winlet.

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Digital services

To be able to respond to your enquiry even faster and more efficiently, Heavydrive offers a range of digital services in addition to traditional telephone communication. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact us around the clock via WhatsApp and send descriptions of processes and problematic situations to the service team by photo or video. It's also possible to start a live link to the construction site via video call, allowing the Heavydrive experts to get a real-time picture of the construction site. We also hold international video conferences via Skype, WebEx, Zoom, etc.

The Heavydrive app is a one-click service app. It is available in German, English, French and Russian. Click here to download.

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Tested quality

Heavydrive guarantees you the highest quality in all areas:
  • UVV inspection, suction and battery test ahead of every delivery
  • Reliable team of multilingual, internationally experienced equipment operators, experts and technical advisers
  • Flexible and fast delivery service thanks to our own vehicle fleet and international network of shippers, packers and customs clearing agents
  • Simplified processing through international subsidiaries
  • International, expert advice with 24/7 availability
  • Insurance always included

Our claims statistics from recent years speak for themselves. The quota is currently 0.001 % of sales.



We strive to make the impossible possible. This is why we are constantly developing new installation equipment in line with the latest trends in the construction industry. We find the right solution for every project, no matter how complex. Heavydrive experts design and adapt the systems in the company's own workshop. The HDL glass transport trolley developed and patented by Heavydrive, for example, has been a best seller for years.

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Sustainability has played a key role at Heavydrive ever since the company was founded in 2006. Heavydrive is continuously developing and adapting its equipment to offer customers an environmentally friendly installation solution. This is why Heavydrive offers a wide range of electric and battery-powered suction systems, cranes and lifts. The emission-free Heavydrive systems are either fully electric or available with a hybrid drive.

Heavydrive operates a large-scale workshop with experienced specialists. We repair our own systems and third-party equipment to avoid unnecessary new purchases. True to the motto: We are not part of the throwaway society – we are among those who keep equipment good for a long time

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