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From planning to implementation, Heavydrive offers everything from a single source


The industry is confronted with more and more requirements: The components are getting bigger and heavier, assembly is becoming more and more complicated and the logistical processes are becoming more and more complex. Heavydrive GmbH offers an all-round service for this: The experienced and professional team supports the customer from the very beginning with the planning, processing and realization of his project - whether large or small panes, customer-specific special products, difficult construction site conditions, extreme climatic conditions or remote locations on the the whole world.

Mormon Headquarters
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Assembly solutions tailored to your project


A practical example: For the new construction of the main building of the Mormons three meters wide and 10.7 meters high glass panes with a weight of 3.2 tons were planned - and that under an almost three meter deep overhang. In addition, 10.7 meter high and 60 centimeter wide glass fins were to be used for stabilization. About a year before the start of construction, the project manager contacted Günter Ubelacker. “Especially with large, international projects, intensive planning in advance is essential. The more precisely and earlier we know about the requirements and the construction site conditions, the more individually we can develop the optimal assembly solution," explains the Heavydrive managing director.

The project manager personally traveled to Germany to get an idea of ​​the Heavydrive expertise. During a test operation of the VSG 3500 K suction system in combination with the VSG 7000 counter beam with a load capacity of seven tons, attached to a truck-mounted crane, the team, in cooperation with Sedak GmbH & Co.KG in Gersthofen, simulated the situation on the construction site. The smooth presentation was convincing: Two weeks later, Heavydrive GmbH received the order and planning could begin.

The company's professional logistics system proved its worth here. The experienced Heavydrive team took care of all customs and freight documents and took care of the safe packaging. In this way, the three systems could be shipped on time and reached their destination in Salt Lake City without delay.


The Heavydrive range at a glance


The Heavydrive equipment park offers a wide range of suction systems, cranes, transport equipment and assembly accessories for rent and for sale. All systems are available at the main site in Tapfheim and are available at all times. On request, an experienced operator can also be hired for the devices.

Section of the Heavydrive equipment park
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