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Additional services

You can find out more about our additional services below

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Express delivery

In addition to our usual fast delivery service, we also offer express delivery at a surcharge, allowing you to decide the urgency of your order yourself.
With the express delivery option, we guarantee even faster delivery of your products. Our team will do everything in its power to prioritise your order and get it to you in the shortest possible time.
If you have any questions about our express delivery or other services, please feel free to contact us. We are always on hand to help.

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Maintenance Plus

Technical equipment sustains natural wear and tear and its performance can wane over time. Our Maintenance Plus service is the solution. With regular maintenance, we make sure your equipment stays in top condition at all times. This service includes inspecting all components, identifying problems in good time and carrying out maintenance work to minimise downtimes.
In addition to regular maintenance, we are also on hand to help you with any repairs you may need. Our experienced team of technicians can quickly identify and fix any problems to get your equipment back up and running in the shortest possible time. We also perform UVV inspections to ensure your equipment meets the highest safety standards. So you always have peace of mind that your equipment is safe and complies with the applicable regulations.

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Perfectly maintained equipment

Every Heavydrive system follows a special maintenance schedule in summer and winter. In the company's workshop at the main factory in Tapfheim, trained Heavydrive employees clean and maintain all equipment on the basis of a thorough inspection system. This means we can offer you systems in top condition and guarantee reliability when you use our rental equipment.

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International maintenance

Different standards and requirements for using the systems on construction sites have to be met at international level. This is why Heavydrive regularly sends its experts to customers around the world to test their systems and ensure that they are in good working order. This includes inspecting and repairing the equipment in line with the various weather conditions, tool and spare parts logistics in accordance with country-specific regulations, as well as organising and managing entry regulations, visas and special travel conditions. Because regular equipment maintenance and inspection are the basic prerequisites for a smooth and fail-safe installation.


Repairs of third-party equipment

In the company's workshop, our experts not only maintain and repair Heavydrive equipment - they also look after third-party equipment as well. We inspect and repair all standard systems and equipment, carry out UVV inspections and are a service point for mini cranes manufactured by Maeda, Unic and Jekko.

Do you have a system needing repair or inspection? Get in touch!

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Planning and advice service

Heavydrive offers more than just the rental and sale of specialised transport and installation equipment. You get a planning and advisory service for your particular site situation – from detailed advice during the planning phase, to creating a method statement to prepare for the worst-case scenario and finding the best possible solutions. This saves you time and money.

Experience from the field shows that the Heavydrive project business is proving its worth and becoming increasingly popular. Trust our expertise and take the time to plan your system assignments well in advance!


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Accident prevention regulation testing (UVV inspections)

Each and very system leaves Heavydrive correctly inspected. We carry out professional UVV inspections ahead of every delivery and issue the corresponding certificates. As a service point for mini cranes from Maeda, Unic and Jekko, we also offer UVV inspections and any necessary repairs for third-party equipment.

Would you like to find out more about the UVV service? Get in touch! We also have appointments for UVV inspections available, even at short notice.

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International certifications

Different countries – different regulations. During assembly assignments worldwide, equipment and systems are subject to special safety regulations depending on the place of use. Thanks to many years of experience at international level, the Heavydrive experts are familiar with the relevant requirements and arrange all the certificates needed such as CSA mark (Canada), OSHA certificate (North America), and GOST and Sub-Zero certification (Russia). In accordance with the country-specific regulations, the Heavydrive assembly specialists also carry out test assignments using the systems under extreme conditions.



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Device operator

To realise your construction project even more efficiently, you can book an experienced Heavydrive operator, including insurance, with your equipment. This gives you expert manpower on site, takes away the worry and saves you time and money.

Ask for an experienced operator when you book your equipment.

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Equipment instruction

Heavydrive equipment is easy to operate. Nonetheless, we will provide you with instruction from an experienced equipment operator to make sure that the on-site installation engineers can get the equipment up and running straight away, unlocking its potential from the outset. We can also provide the equipment instruction online – so you stay flexible and save even more time.

When you make your booking, ask for instruction from an experienced equipment operator.


Crane training – theory and practice

For every system you rent or buy, you can book a training course, individually tailored to your previous knowledge and focusing on practical aspects, with a crane licence test at the end. The broad range of Heavydrive cranes, installation equipment and suction systems at our headquarters in Tapfheim offers various options to gain experience with the equipment.

A crane licence is now mandatory for construction work, primarily for liability reasons. A safe, experienced crane operator with a licence causes less collateral damage than an operator with no experience at all, and saves both time and money. A crane licence is valid for life and can be extended to other crane types through additional training.

  • Contents of the crane training
  • Proper and safe operation of cranes and equipment
  • Legal regulations and tasks of a crane operator
  • Codes of conduct when working with cranes and personal protective equipment (accident prevention regulations)
  • Stability, handling loads, load tables, lifting gear
  • Crane inspections, daily operational test
  • Care and maintenance
  • Special assignments, what to do in case of malfunction
  • Course duration: depending on the knowledge of the participants and the required training time, generally 5 working days for untrained participants
  • Number of participants: 1-10 people

For further information, individual enquiries and course bookings, please call +49 9070 96 8 96 90 0 or email us at sales@heavydrive.com.

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Handling service

Our handling service takes the worry and stress out of preparing and completing construction projects. We take care of enquiries, handling, transport and logistics processes, leaving you to concentrate fully on your project.
We are your dependable partner for all your construction project requirements. Instead of juggling numerous different third-party providers, we deliver a single, comprehensive end-to-end solution. You give us with all the relevant information about your project and we provide you with the equipment and resources you need. So you can take care of your assignment with peace of mind.
Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you. Let's bring your construction projects to a successful conclusion together.