12/24-hour delivery service worldwide


Extremely fast delivery service – we deliver our products directly to your construction site
within 12 hours in Germany and within 24 hours worldwide.




Extremely fast delivery worldwide

Save time and money with our sophisticated delivery service, which delivers directly to your construction site within 12 hours in Germany, or within 24 hours worldwide.

We offer the option of providing compact device instructions, training or an experienced operator who will assist you by providing quick and uncomplicated assembly...

Delivery with a forwarding agent to collection and drop-off points close to your construction site

Especially on very large construction sites it is often difficult for the forwarding agent to give the product to the right contact person. In turn, it also costs you a lot of time and money to search for the delivery all over the construction site. Therefore we deliver the equipment to collection and drop-off points close to your construction site. This way, you can be guaranteed to be able to use your equipment for the whole time you have rented it.

Safely packaged and delivered on time

Professional packaging of your VSG as per IPPC standards. Order today, on the construction site tomorrow. Based on this maxim, we ship glass fitting equipment from our headquarters to customers all over the world. This unique service is made possible by a combination of competent and experienced staff and sophisticated logistics. At the same time, the highly modern packaging and shipping system ensures that the equipment arrives at the destination safe and undamaged. For our equipment we have customised aluminium transportation boxes for permanently secure transport/storage.


For example:

Our packaging system was used to transport glass assembly equipment to Washington D.C. in a container. The VSG 3500 K vacuum suction system with dimensions of 336 x 204 x 182 cm was put in a custom-made wooden crate with external dimensions of 365 x 230 x 215 cm. The cargo was shrink-wrapped with a desiccant in aluminium compound film. This enables storage for up to six months. All Heavydrive crates comply with the American IPPC standard. The heat-treated material ensures no germs or pathogens are transported in the wood.



EAC certification for Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

Our devices are all EAC-certified, i.e. they meet the quality and safety requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union and its member countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). This means that exporting to these countries can be carried out quickly and easily.



Just-in-time logistics

With an assembly concept, we create a machine package to start your assembly projects quickly and efficiently and to finish them securely within a short time.

For example:

Façade assembly in one day. In Friedberg on 22 June 2017 Heavydrive GmbH demonstrated the highest efficiency. The assembly pros accurately fitted 20 panes into the façade piece by piece. They used the MRK 158 mini crawler crane in combination with an assembly jig and the VSG 900 KS vacuum suction system.

The VSG 900 KS is one of the extra-slimline suction systems and has a construction depth of just 16cm. The operator of the mini crawler crane can suction the panes, lift them up and set them in position to the millimetre. In Friedberg the assembly of the 2m high, 2.5m wide panes weighing between 400 and 650kg went without delay or incident.