Unusual architecture that is tricky to assemble

Heavydrive GmbH takes on the installation of the façade at the Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf


With the rebuilding of the Kö-Bogen, a spectacular landmark is being established in Düsseldorf. The complex urban building concept integrates the modern shopping streets into the historical green spaces of the court garden creating architecturally unique company rooms.

The installation of the completely curved façade consisting of different materials calls for a competent specialist: The experts at the company based in Donauwoerth Heavydrive GmbH are responsible for the professional façade installation from planning through to completion of the project.

In the first construction phase, two brilliant new buildings are being created at the Jan-Wellem-Platz following the designs by the New York star architect Daniel Libeskind. Along the length of the court garden promenade, a concept developed by Professor Pablo Molestina will give the city centre a new architectural look in the second phase.


Complicated assembly job

Yet, the unusual façade of the Libeskind buildings presents an enormous challenge for the construction experts. The façade which extends over 15,000 square metres consists of 2,800 different sized individual parts. The elements made of different materials are angled and curved. Such a complicated installation under huge time pressure took the structural and façade engineers to their limits. This is why the experts from Heavydrive GmbH were consulted early in the planning phase. 

Thanks to their great experience and their broad range of vacuum suction systems, the company was able to establish a test facility in no time at their main plant in Donauwoerth. In another test facility in Arnstdorf at the Lindner plant responsible for the façade construction, the Heavydrive experts tested the suction of the different materials such as glass and sandstone. The configuration was sampled and ordered over night.


Flexibly ready for use

Since Heavydrive always has available more than 40 suction systems from 300 to 5,000 kilos for hire, the experts were able to start very quickly. The Kö-Bogen façade elements are up to 2.5 metres by 8 metres in size and are concave and convex in shape. They are made of glass and natural sandstone and weigh between 500 and 1,200 kilos. The smart lifting technology from Heavydrive proved itself in this complicated installation. The innovative suction systems and various cranes can master any construction job and made it possible to complete the project at the Düsseldorf Kö-Bogen on time and without any problems. 

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