Transport panes safely and quickly with the Heavydrive HDL line


With the patented Heavydrive HDL transport wagon, transporting glass panes, large tiles, wooden panels, tabletops or stone slabs is easier than ever. The HDL models can safely carry a load both indoors and outdoors – even over long distances and uneven surfaces. The devices are lightweight, easy to handle and can be rotated. The HDL line contains transport wagons with a capacity of up to 1,000kg, all available with shock-proof pneumatic tyres for transporting particularly narrow panes.


Quality engineering, made in Germany

The Heavydrive transport wagons are exclusively made in Germany. Due to high demand, Heavydrive has now completely outsourced the production of the HDL product line, thereby increasing productivity and improving the degree of automation. The transport wagons are 90% welded by industrial robots, which guarantees consistently high quality. They are coated in yellow chromate which gives them long-term protection from rust and abrasion.

Heavydrive HDL glass transport wagon models
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The transport wagons are tested with Finite-Element-Method (FEM)
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Because the HDL devices are mainly used on construction sites where conditions are difficult and unpredictable, stability was the focus of the design process from the start. The devices are tested according to the Finite Element Method (FEM). During the test, computer software divides the HDL device into separate parts, or finite elements, and simulates how each individual element reacts to stress. Predetermined load cycles then reveal any weak points in the structure. Weight-saving measures can then be applied to each separate part, for example the Heavydrive HDL 800 has a load capacity of 800kg, but measures just 2m x 2m and weighs just 58kg.

The HDL devices are highly stable thanks to their particularly low centre of gravity. The brunt of the load is taken below the wheel hub, so the transport wagon can be operated and rotated safely without tipping over or the wheels lifting off the ground. The device is also tilted by about 7 degrees to ensure the pane cannot fall off.

From idea to success story

The idea for Heavydrive HDL came about in 2006: a stable mobile wagon that could safely transport large and heavy panes and slabs and not tip over with a load. They mocked it initially, but the first HDL model won over experts during a trial with an 800kg glass pane at the Schweikert Glass Centre in Heilbronn. A single employee easily transported and rotated the glass element using the Heavydrive transport wagon. And so the HDL product line was born, and the patented Heavydrive transport wagons rapidly became a huge success. Now, Heavydrive boasts a worldwide distribution network. The HDL line is especially popular in the UK and the USA.

The different models in the HDL line are available to rent and to buy from the Heavydrive headquarters in Tapfheim as well as from the international branches.

Highly robust, low centre of gravity
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