Transport heavy loads up steps without risking back injury


Heavydrive is expanding its practical TT stair climber line with a new, high-performance model: introducing the TT 1300 with a capacity of up to 1,300kg. The mobile stair climber transports loads, such as vending machines, machinery parts, motors or air-conditioning units, up stairs, steps and ledges measuring up to 32cm in height.


Like all Heavydrive stair climbers in the TT line, the TT 1300 has a sturdy crawler track that ensures loads are transported safely. The platform is adjustable and can be adapted to any incline to ensure the load remains horizontal and secure. This means even liquids can be moved easily. The raised position of the platform means even long items, for example steel beams, can be moved up stairs. Only one operator is required to steer the assembly aid by remote control. This ensures efficiency and eliminates the need for back-breaking lifting. The TT 1300 stair climber has a 220V electrical drive and is therefore emission-free.


Transportation of a 990kg machine using the Heavydrive TT
1300 stair climber
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There is also a variety of aids available for moving items safely and quickly to the stairs and onto the stair lift. A special transporter trailer enables loads to be moved along long corridors easily, and a rotary plate can change the direction of the rubber tracks at any time during transportation. The load can then be easily transported onto the platform via the handy loading ramp.

The Heavydrive stair climber has already been put to the test in a job in Ulm Hospital, where the TT 1300 was used to move machinery parts weighing up to 990kg between floors. All parts were transported to their destination safely and promptly.

The different versions of the Heavydrive TT stair climber have lifting capacities ranging from 100kg to 1300kg. To make transportation easier, the assembly aids come with a transporter trailer and a rotary plate. All models in the TT line are available to rent and to buy from the Heavydrive warehouses in Germany and worldwide.


Transportation of a 990kg machine using the Heavydrive TT 1300 stair climber Image rights:

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