Transport heavy loads back-friendly over stairs


Heavydrive is expanding the series of practical TT stair transporters with a new, even more powerful model: the TT 1300 with a load capacity of up to 1,300 kilos. The mobile stairclimber transports loads such as machines, machine parts, motors or air conditioning systems over stairs, steps and landings up to a height of 32 centimetres.


Like all Heavydrive stairclimbers in the TT series, the TT 1300 has a robust chain chassis that guarantees safe transport of the load. The platform is adjustable and can be adjusted to the appropriate slope so that the load is always level and safe. This means that even liquids can be moved without any problems. Due to the elevated position of the platform, long loads such as steel girders can also be moved over stairs. Only one operator is needed to control the assembly helper via the radio remote control. This allows you to work efficiently without having to drag loads that can hurt your back. The TT 1300 stairclimber has a 220 V electric drive and therefore works emission-free.


Transport of a machine weighing 990 kilos with the Heavydrive TT 1300 stair climber
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There are various aids to transport the load safely and quickly to the stairs and onto the stairlift. With a special dolly, the goods to be transported can be moved over long aisles without any problems. With the help of a turntable, the direction can be changed at any time during transport with the rubber caterpillar. The load is then easily transported onto the platform via the practical loading ramp. The Heavydrive stair transporter has already demonstrated its high performance when used in the Ulm Clinic.

There, machine parts weighing up to 990 kilos were moved over the floors with the help of the TT 1300. All parts were transported to the destination without any problems, safely and on time.

The Heavydrive TT stair climber is available in different versions with a load capacity of 100 to 1,300 kilograms. For uncomplicated transport, the assembly helpers also come with a dolly and a turntable. All models of the TT series are available for rent and purchase in the Heavydrive warehouses in Germany and worldwide.

Transporting a machine weighing 990 kilos with the Heavydrive TT 1300 stair climber
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