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On the safe side with Heavydrive all over the world

Different countries – different regulations. During assembly operations worldwide, equipment and systems are subject to special safety regulations depending on the place of use. Thanks to years of practical experience around the world, the Heavydrive experts understand the requirements involved and reliably organise all the necessary certificates. In accordance with the country-specific regulations, the Heavydrive assembly specialists also carry out test assignments under extreme conditions using the systems.


Heavydrive suction system with swivel adapter being tested at the company’s main plant in Tapfheim
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Delivery to North America in compliance with CSA and OSHA standard

In North America, there are extremely strict product liability laws for equipment. The CSA mark is mandatory for all equipment used in Canada. For one Canadian customer, Heavydrive carried out a test run at its headquarters in Tapfheim using the VSG 2000 KMHL suction system with swivel adapter and counterweight beam, as well as a 2,500-kilogram pane. In this process, the vacuum suction system was tested under worst-case conditions. At 2.5 tonnes, the test pane weighed 25 per cent more than the system's actual load capacity. The failure of a safety circuit with a suctioned-on pane was also simulated. Despite these extreme conditions, the enormous glass element remained in balance and could be safely swivelled to the left and right, tilted and set down. Consequently, the Heavydrive suction system fulfilled the strict Canadian regulations and was able to be delivered to Vancouver for service without any problems.

An OSHA certificate is also required for assembly operations in North America. OSHA standards ensure occupational safety at the work site. Glass panes weighing four tonnes are to be set in place for a customer in Miami. In order to obtain the necessary approval, Heavydrive is currently organising a load test with the planned operational equipment.

Heavydrive suction system with special winter cups
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GOST and Sub-Zero certification in Russia

Thanks to the numerous assignments in Russia and the experts at the subsidiary in St. Petersburg, Heavydrive also reliably complies with all regulations applicable on the Russian market. This includes the GOST certificate, which confirms that all operational equipment meets Russian safety and quality requirements.

Likewise, suction and assembly systems must demonstrably function under the harsh climatic conditions. Standard equipment for setting glass panes usually works only down to around zero degrees Celsius and hence does not comply with Russian regulations. For the assignment in extreme sub-zero temperatures, Heavydrive has developed special winter cups that reliably suction on and set the glass elements at temperatures as low as -25 degrees. For a planned large-scale assignment in Moscow at the end of 2022, the installation engineers carried out a test operation at extreme sub-zero temperatures in the presence of a test engineer. The Heavydrive suction systems worked perfectly even at -25 degrees and hence attained the Sub-Zero certification. Yet another test assignment in Moscow is already planned.

"To ensure an efficient and trouble-free assignment on-site, Heavydrive prepares itself for all eventualities in advance. This includes the best possible arrangement of the assembly equipment, but also meeting all prescribed, country-specific safety and customs regulations," explains Günter Übelacker, Managing Director of Heavydrive. With Heavydrive as a partner, the customer enjoys a full service package. The experts take care of the entire assignment - from transport to customs to certification procedures. This saves the customer time and money and makes sure there are no unpleasant surprises on the construction site.

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