Spectacular overhaul of the Hypo Tower in Munich

Complex tower renovation handled using a special Heavydrive chain hoist


The initial construction of Munich's landmark caused a sensation. The renovation – some 33 years after its inauguration – is no less impressive. The reconstruction of the Hypo Tower is scheduled for completion from a strictly energy efficiency angle by 2015. The real challenge is that the appearance of the historic skyscraper must be preserved.


The renovation works involve giving the third largest building in Munich a facelift. While the old windows could not be opened, the windows in the new façade allow the building to be aired.  This was a huge undertaking: As the Hypo Tower and its façade have been listed since 2006, all façade elements had to be taken down, cleaned, optimized as regards energy use, and refitted – quite an arduous procedure.


Tricky construction job


The unique architectural features of the building proved particularly tricky: The high-rise building has five hanging floors. The ceilings of the 114-metre high stilt construction are supported by only three reinforced concrete columns. For this reason, the ceilings have to be lightweight and thin, resulting in a low load capacity.

To begin with, the assembly specialists from Donauwoerth-based Heavydrive GmbH considered using the MRK 55.0 E mini crane which weighs 1000 kg. This crawler crane seemed perfect for distributing the weight. However, the structure of the building made this impossible.


Exact planning and reliable implementation


After complex calculations, the  Heavydrive MKZ 1000-30 chain lift was opted for. This 30-metre-long chain lift is perfectly suited for load bearing with a lower floor load. This way, the elements weighing around 350 kg can be easily lifted off the platform and put into the fixtures without any risk of collapse.


Heavydrive does a first-class job in Munich thanks to its transport and installation innovations. True to the motto: Simple yet efficient.


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