Spectacular demonstration of Heavydrive technology

The company demonstrates to a US client how to safely position a Sedak glass pane

On 20 May 2015, Donauwoerth-based company Heavydrive GmbH and premium glass manufacturer Sedak jointly hosted a demonstration of positioning a 14-metre long, 3.2-metre high, 1.4-tonne glass pane. A client from Salt Lake City, USA, was at this tricky demonstration.

The demand for extremely large panes is constantly growing – including on the American market. Yet construction companies are often unsure how to deal with assembling extremely large glass elements. The client from Salt Lake City is also planning to use XXL panes in an 80-metre high construction project, and is therefore looking for a capable assembly partner.

Panes and assembly systems from Germany

Swabian innovations were in demand here. Sedak GmbH & Co. KG, based in Gersthofen, Swabia, is a market leader in the production of high-quality, oversize panes. It will provide the glass elements for the lower two floors of the building. Heavydrive GmbH uses its special systems to safely place extremely heavy panes. The assembly team presented this during the demonstration at the Sedak premises in Gersthofen.

The VSG 6000 K suction system and VSG 3500 K suction system, and thecounterweight traverse VSG 7000with its seven-tonne bearing load, were fastened to a truck-mounted crane with a bearing load of 200 tonnes. The VSG 6000 K suction system, with a bearing load of up to six tonnes and a 4-circuit system, has a suction area of 18 metres long and 2.2 metres wide. This means that the vacuum suction system can easily pick up any of the oversize panes available on the market, and turn them vertically or tilt them forward by 90 degrees. The VSG 3500 K suction system, with a 3.5-tonne bearing load, also has a very high reach of 14.6 metres, enabling it to place panes up to 17 metres long in any position.

The counterweight traverse enabled assemblers to tilt the suction system holding the pane to the exact angle they required. Fine adjustments are made by remote control. This meant that the team were easily able to suction the large panes under the eaves, raise them and turn them vertically by 90 degrees. The two Heavydrive employees were able to load and assemble the suction system and counterweight traverse with ease, with the help of the truck-mounted crane.

Die Heavydrive Montagelösung überzeugt

The demonstration in Gersthofen lasted for a total of six hours, including loading, assembly and dismantling. It took all the expertise of the employees present to prepare the system in the extremely tight space. The American client was impressed by their professional demonstration. On 21 May, he visited the Heavydrive headquarters in Donauwoerth, and adjusted his functional specification to his project. Heavydrive employees are making sure that the system is safely packaged and has the correct customs paperwork for sea transport. In the meantime, the system is en route to its next job in Barcelona, Spain.

All devices are professionally packaged in the main warehouse and delivered worldwide overnight. The Heavydrive systems for extremely heavy panes can be rented in different models, with or without an operator.

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