Secure equipment transport thanks to the Heavydrive lashing platform


Heavydrive offers its customers reliable and fast transport of assembly systems to construction sites all over the world. To prevent any damage to its equipment, Heavydrive has developed a secure lashing platform, suitable even for large systems. The platform prevents equipment being damaged by improper lashing, placing a strap crossways for example.

The assembly device is secured to the platform by steel bolts and can be optimally lashed on the truck. To secure the load correctly, the angle of the tensioning strap to the floor should be between 45 and 60 degrees. This makes the system completely stable and protects it from damage, even when there are pot holes and tilting torques. The forklift pockets on the platform also allow lifting on the construction site and inside buildings. For even greater stability, the platforms at Heavydrive are placed on non-slip mats. Transport and loading damage is now a thing of the past.    

Properly secured GMG with Heavydrive forklift platform Image rights:
Incorrectly secured device with lashing straps tensioned too flat poses the risk of transport damage Image rights:

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