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Heavydrive assembly lift ML-51 with vacuum suction system VSG 450 KL
and glass transport trolley HDL 500 in a complete package
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Increasingly larger and heavier panes, a shortage of skilled workers, tight installation schedules – small and medium-sized workshops in particular have to master a wide range of challenges these days. For this purpose, Heavydrive offers flexible and cost-saving complete packages for the transport and assembly of panes weighing up to 900 kilos.

Diverse challenges for small and medium-sized craft businesses

The trend towards heavier, larger and more sensitive discs continues. Also due to special coatings and multiple glazing, glass elements weighing several hundred kilos are now the order of the day. Assembly is often made more difficult by difficult-to-access or narrow construction sites, which require compact and off-road special equipment. Many joineries or glazing companies cannot afford a correspondingly extensive machine park with systems that are suitable for the transport and the inside and outside assembly of panes.

“The shortage of skilled workers is also a major problem in the skilled trades. It is difficult to find reliable employees for the often demanding and time-sensitive construction projects,” explains Heavydrive Managing Director Guenter Uebelacker. The assembly of heavy discs with conventional assembly equipment and manpower is therefore hardly possible.


Heavydrive glass assembly device GMG 350 in use
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Flexible and cost-saving complete packages

For this purpose, Heavydrive offers powerful and individually adaptable transport and lifting solutions that work even in extreme situations such as temperatures down to -20 degrees. Depending on customer requirements, the rental packages consist of assembly lifts with or without an overhead manipulator, suction systems, assembly cranes or glass transport trolleys for panes weighing up to 900 kilos.

All transport and lifting devices have a very compact design and can also be used on rough terrain. In this way, the panes can be safely transported to the mounting position in a confined space. The systems are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, because the devices work emission-free and have special non-marking tires that leave no traces even on sensitive floors.

The Heavydrive systems are easy to operate. The service includes instruction by a specialist so that glaziers, window builders, painters or carpenters can operate the devices themselves without any problems. Even heavy panes can be set quickly, safely and precisely with just one or two people. An experienced Heavydrive device operator including insurance can also be booked. As a result, the companies receive additional, expert manpower on the construction site at short notice and flexibly, and transport and assembly are even more efficient.

Equipment rental offers many advantages

Heavydrive makes the devices available throughout Germany within twelve hours. The customer thus receives the necessary assembly and transport equipment at short notice as required, without having to worry about shipping, transport or insurance. Depending on the project, the Tapfheim-based company supplies a package with the optimal equipment, which offers smaller companies in particular great flexibility on the construction site.

The individual advice and assembly of the devices by the experienced Heavydrive specialists takes into account the respective construction site situation and enables reliable planning of the installation and full cost transparency. Due to the flexible rental, the purchase risk and the expensive device maintenance are eliminated for the customer. With a long-term rental, further costs can be saved.

Heavydrive specializes in major projects with extremely large and heavy panes and complicated construction site situations. Nevertheless, the company offers efficient and individual transport and assembly solutions especially for small and medium-sized craft businesses. “Heavydrive has been a reliable partner for master glass craftsmen for years. That's why we create customized and useful complete packages for the master craftsmen and are committed to the next generation of craftsmen, such as at the master piece exhibition in Bayerbach," says Managing Director Guenter Uebelacker.

Heavydrive assembly crane MRK 86.0 with vacuum suction system
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