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For packaging and shipping equipment, Heavydrive employs the highest standards


Ordered today – delivered to the construction site tomorrow. Based on this maxim, Heavydrive ships glass fitting equipment from Donauwoerth in Germany to customers all over the world. This unique service is made possible by a combination of competent and experienced staff and sophisticated logistics. At the same time, the highly modern packaging and shipping system ensures that the equipment arrives at the destination safe and undamaged.

The biggest on the market

Just recently, Heavydrive demonstrated extensive competence with a shipment to the USA. For three large projects in the Washington D.C. area (USA), a customer ordered a VSG 2500 with a bearing load of 2.5 tonnes and the powerful vacuum suction unit VSG 3500K to mount extremely large panes weighing 3.2 tonnes.

The VSG 2500 was shipped by air, the VSG 3500 by sea. The Heavydrive logistics system is perfectly organised irrespective of the route of transport and competent staff ensure the process runs quickly and smoothly. To this end, Heavydrive maintains permanent contact with the local customs office and in the shortest possible time takes care of all tasks from order acceptance and packaging to customs clearance.


Packaging according to the highest standards

To transport the glass mounting devices in a container, the company relied on its modern packaging system. The VSG 3500 K with dimensions of 336 x 204 x 182 cm was put in acustom-made wooden crate with external dimensions of 365 x 230 x 215 cm. The cargo wasshrink-wrapped with siccative in aluminium compound film. This enables storage for up to six months. All Heavydrive crates comply with the American IPPC standard. The heat-treated material ensures no germs or pathogens are transported in the wood.

Safely packaged, the vacuum suction unit was then placed on a custom-made pallet. Of course, the Heavydrive staff take all applicable guidelines into account and limit dimensions depending on the method of shipping (by air or by sea). On site, qualified Heavydrive partners accepted the VSG 3500 K and delivered it to the construction site in Washington D.C. on time and according to schedule.

"We provide the highest possible quality in all fields of installation. This encompasses professional packaging and smooth logistics. Our customers appreciate that", managing director Guenter Uebelacker emphasises.

The high packaging standards apply to all Heavydrive glass mounting and transport devices and are the guarantee for safe delivery within Germany and abroad.

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