Rush of visitors at the Heavydrive fair stand

Visitors from all around the world were interested in the company's assembling equipment


At the BAU fair in Munich, Heavydrive GmbH presented its innovative products from 19 to 24 January 2015. The motto for this year's fair stand of the expert for assembly and transport equipment was: "assembly solutions for large and heavy panes." The Donauwoerth-based company rents suction devices for a bearing load of between 300 and 5,000 kilos.Heavydrive GmbH also offers flexible solutions for glass fins with a span width of up to 12 metres, and a bearing load of 2.5 tons.  At the world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems, the visitors had the opportunity to get to know the various assembly solutions and even to try them out for themselves for six days.


The extremely small and flexible MRK 55.0 miniature crane  with electrical drive in combination with the 3-axle overhead manipulator aroused special interest. The mini caterpillar crane with abearing load of up to one ton and a hook height of 5.5 metres works with an electrical drive and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In addition to the  "Mini" MRK 55.0, Heavydrive's crane portfolio offers a wide range of large cranes with a hook height of up to 22 metres, and overhead manipulators of up to 1,600 kilos.

Montagehelfer im Praxiseinsatz

The glass assembly device GMG 350 is the smallest in the GMG product line, which includes devices with a bearing load of up to 1,000 kilos. On site, the visitors of the BAU fair were able to see  the various fields of application for the new GMG 350 for themselves. Four times a day, the trained Heavydrive employees presented how easily and fast a single operator can place glass panes with millimetre precision. The flexible assembling assistant has a bearing load of 350 kilos and is can be moved to the front and side. By using remote control, even glazing window elements overhead is possible with the GMG 350.

At the BAU fair 2015, Heavydrive GmbH even offered a solution for extremely narrow conditions: the particularly slender ML 51.0assembly lift used  in combination with the VSGU 450 KL overhead manipulator. This system was especially developed for the indoor assembly of thin panes with a length of up to seven meters for winter gardens.

At its fair stand no. 124 in hall C2,Heavydrive GmbH presented 16 different products. The new models of the HDL patented product line also were among the six innovations shown: The glass transport wagons are also available with shock-absorbing pneumatic tyres, which are particularly suitable to transport thick and heavy panes. The HDL AIR models are available in different versions that are suitable for the respective different conditions at the construction site.






Order the brand-new 200-page catalogue with a description of the complete product line here.

Record attendance at the BAU 2015

This year, more than 250,000 visitors attended the BAU fair - that is more than ever before. The 2015 exhibitors from 42 countries were delighted by the rush of visitors. "Internationally, the BAU is the leading trade fair for our sector and a big challenge for us as an exhibitor. We were able to compete with other exhibitors from all around the world, and to raise the visitors' interest in our products - this makes us even prouder", summarizes Heavydrive's managing director Günter Übelacker. This already was the fourth time the company presented its products at the BAU in Munich. On Saturday, 4 July 2015, Heavydrive GmbH presented its diverse range of products at the in-house fair at its headquarters in Donauwoerth.

All those interested who would like to see the quality of Heavydrive devices for themselves, are cordially invited to visit us in Donauwoerth.


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