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The Tapfheim-based company, Heavydrive GmbH, offers much more than just renting and selling special transport and assembly devices. Clients receive a one-stop service for their unique construction situations – from in-depth advice in the planning phase and optimal choice of system to safe delivery. This enables clients to save time and money. Practical experience shows that the Heavydrive project business is tried and tested and ever more in demand. “Glass panes are getting bigger and assembly conditions are becoming more extreme and complex. This requires a detailed plan that considers all individual aspects of the construction site. In order to develop a functional and efficient solution, you need professional advice from practised experts”, explains managing director Guenter Uebelacker.

Individual project planning and advising

A current real-life example: A client from the US was looking for an assembly system to fit extremely large panes for the façade of his building project and contacted Heavydrive GmbH. Through intensive phone conversations and with the help of photographs and planned dates for the building project, the experts developed the optimal solution. The specialists considered all of the individual construction conditions – like fitting panes under overhangs and in temperatures as low as -10°C. The frosty conditions required special winter suction pads.

For the assembly of the 3m wide and 10.7m tall glass panes which weighed 3.2 tonnes, the team planned to use a counterweight traverse with a lifting capacity of 5,000kg combined with the versatile VSG 3500 K 4-circuit system with a lifting capacity of 3,500kg. The 10.7m tall and 60cm wide glass fins were fitted with a fin suction system with a lifting capacity of up to 1,000kg.

Testeinsatz in Gersthofen auf dem Gelände von sedak GmbH & Co.KG
Field test in Gersthofen on the sedak GmbH &
Co. KG site; Image: Heavydrive
VSG 3500 K und Kontertraverse <br>5000 im Einsatz in Salt Lake City<br>(USA)
VSG 3500 K and 5000
counterweight traverse being used
in Salt Lake City (US); Image: Heavydrive

To see Heavydrive’s range for himself, the client travelled from Salt Lake City to Bavarian Swabia. The team carried out a field test to demonstrate the assembly of a 14m long, 3.2m tall pane weighing 1.4 tonnes with the VSG 6000 K and VSG 3500 K suction systems in combination with the VSG 7000 counterweight traverse attached to a truck-mounted crane.

Tried-and-tested logistics system

When the contract was signed, the Heavydrive logistics experts immediately took care of the necessary planning and administration. For shipping the systems to the US, the experienced team organised all the necessary customs and freight documentation. Special transport crates were designed for the large systems to ensure the devices were shipped safely and professionally.

Then the systems were packaged in the main Tapfheim warehouse and taken to the nearby customs office in Donauwoerth. With the customs code, the carrier was able to transport the cargo directly to the next port. Temporary storage was not required, as all procedures were organised by a single provider and passed without delay. The three systems were shipped safely and arrived at the construction site in Salt Lake City on time and with no incidents.

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