Perfect Heavydrive quality even at temperatures below zero

Winterised suction systems from the Donauwoerth-based company


A sudden cold snap at the construction site, the machines are down, costs are skyrocketing with every hour the building freeze lasts – what a nightmare for any contractor!Heavydrive GmbH has an all-weather solution to this. The company developed a special rubber compound which makes its suction pads suitable for use at temperatures down to -20 °C.


Rubber becomes hard and brittle at low temperatures. This is why, in winter, summer tyres don't have a good grip on the streets, making the car skid. Winter tyres, in contrast, stay soft in the cold, providing better grip. Below zero, the same applies to suction pads made of conventional rubber: The surface of the suction pads hardens, resulting in inferior suction power. To counter this effect, Heavydrive offers special suction pads that stay soft and flexible even at -20 °C, ensuring the full friction coefficient on glass panes or metal sheets.

These winterised suction pads have been tried and tested in a multitude of practical applications. An example:  During the construction of the new Berlin-Schoenefeld airport in 2012. Between January and March, temperatures fell to -14 °C, and even plummeted to -25 °C at night. This extreme cold, combined with strong winds, made construction stagnate.The first panes of the roof glazing were already starting to slip. To be able to keep to the tight schedule and avoid additional costs, a solution had to be found. It is then that the construction managers came across the winterised Heavydrive suction pads. Over night, the Donauwoerth-based company shipped three suction systems to Berlin from its central warehouse, complete with winter pads. This way, the 20,000 square metres large roof glazing could be installed without any delays.

Be it curved or flat panes, Heavydrive has the best suction pad for any application. The non-marking pads furthermore guarantee residue-free installation, even of tinted and antireflective panes.


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