Pane assembly under projection in Zagreb (Croatia)

The Heavydrive team had to fit three glass elements measuring up to 10.4 by 2.7 meters and weighing up to 2.2 tons in a very confined space. The team only had an area about seven meters wide (the distance to the building on the other side of the street) for the complete assembly process, for which the street in the center was closed for a whole day.

The VSG 3500 KMH suction system and the VSG 3000 counter traverse were used for this. Both systems were securely connected in just a few simple steps. The facades of the Italian restaurant had to be placed under an 80 centimeter deep projection. This was only possible with the use of a counter beam, which perfectly balances the weight. In this way, the pane could be accurately brought to the opening and placed.

All three facade elements were installed and the Heavydrive devices stowed away for transport in just three hours.

Radio and television were there.

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