Pane assembly on Bavaria Towers in Munich

The Heavydrive team worked in extremely difficult conditions to fit façade elements measuring up to 4.3m in width and 2.7m in length on the Sky Tower in the new high-rise complex, Bavaria Towers, in Munich.

Each of the glass panes weighing up to 800kg was integrated into an aluminium façade and had a different curve angle. The façade elements had to be fitted without scaffolding, using just a building crane to reach up to 83m. The fitters were also exposed to wind, cold, rain and snow.

Heavydrive’s VSG 800 KR suction system – developed for concave and convex curved panes – was used in this complicated assembly project. The VSG 800 KR was specifically configured for the Sky Tower assembly to allow it to be adjusted to the different pane shapes as quickly as possible. An experienced Heavydrive expert adjusted the system on site and then familiarised the team with the technology. The fitters were then able to install the curved façade elements safely and quickly, even at such great height.

Bavaria Towers is a modern building complex on the eastern edge of Munich. The complex consists of four spectacular high-rise buildings based on the designs of Madrid architecture firm Nieto Sobejano. The towers, between 46m and 83m tall, stand out due to their smooth curves and inclined roofs. The Sky Tower is the tallest building in the complex. Three of the Bavaria Towers are to be used as offices, the fourth as a hotel. With the help of innovative Heavydrive technology, the Sky Tower was completed on schedule in April 2019. Heavydrive technology was also used on the ground floor of the Sky Tower as well as in the other towers which are still under construction.

Assembly of 800kg façade elements in extreme conditions
Image rights: Heavydrive GmbH
Pane assembly 80m in the air on Bavaria Towers in Munich
Image rights: Heavydrive GmbH

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