No emissions thanks to innovative technology

Heavydrive GmbH has a variety of emission-free systems, cranes and lifts for indoor assembly projects, so panes can be transported and installed indoors, even in winter. The systems are also extremely small and easy to handle so they can even be used in tight spaces.

For example: the flexible GMG glass assembly device. This compact assembly aid transports and installs panes weighing up to 1,000kg. The GMG devices have a 48V electrical drive. Fully charged, the battery lasts three to four days without needing recharged.

The assembly cranes in the MRK range have a lifting capacity of up to 10 tonnes and can easily be used indoors. The MRK 126 hybrid mini crawler crane, for example, has a 3-cylinder motor with a water cooling system. The crane has a 40 litre tank and can either be operated using the diesel motor or electronically at 15.2KW or 2,500rpm.

Since it was founded over ten years ago, the company has been focused on innovative technologies like devices with electronic, battery or hybrid operation and therefore guarantees safe and emission-free operating conditions.

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