New Heavydrive location in Switzerland brings the customer many advantages

Heavydrive subsidiary in Freienbach offers even more customer proximity and shorter delivery distances

Heavydrive's Swiss subsidiary has relocated from Urtenen-Schönbühl in the canton of Bern to Freienbach in the canton of Schwyz. The move puts Heavydrive closer to the location of its assignments, which are primarily tourist establishments, such as hotels, conference and seminar facilities, museums, and spas boasting large glass façades. Customers benefit enormously from the shorter delivery distances and less red tape. "We always offer our customers the most efficient and cost-effective assembly solution. We decided on the location in Freienbach to guarantee even more service", explained Günter Übelacker, Managing Director of Heavydrive.

The special Heavydrive equipment is perfectly able to meet the special requirements of the Swiss projects. Assembly of large glass fronts, in hillside situations, on impassable terrain or on overhanging balconies, for example, does not present a problem for the company. In addition, the Heavydrive systems are winter proof and are able to install glazing in snow and ice at temperatures as low as -10 degrees. The emission-free assembly solutions are also suitable for indoor assignments.

Assignment at the Panorama Resort & Spa in Feusisberg, Lake Zurich

The assembly of huge panorama panes in Feusisberg is a testament to the versatility of the Heavydrive systems. To expand the hotel's spa complex, the glass elements, weighing up to 1.4 tonnes, were installed using the Heavydrive MRK 158.0 S assembly crane in combination with the VSG 2000 KS vacuum suction system. This installation solution offered the unique advantage of being able to weave the façade panes below the projection and fixed them from the inside. The operator controlled the compact mini crane on the impassable terrain by remote control extremely close to the assembly site. The mounting jib and the VSGU 1400 KMH 3-axis manipulator made it possible to tilt, manoeuvre and position the huge glass elements. Even the snowfall and negative temperatures did not impact the operation. The customer was delighted with the smooth installation process.

Comprehensive customer services in several languages

For these special building site situations, Heavydrive offers complete solutions. These can be selected around the clock from The website and the Heavydrive app are now available in French, as well as German and English. This allows customers to find the best equipment option using the practical device finder. Videos and images of the assembly situation can be sent by WhatsApp and discussed in a video call. The sophisticated, leading-edge ERP system allows orders to be quickly organised and completed all over the world. Within Europe, Heavydrive delivers its equipment solutions within 24 hours.

Heavydrive equipment installing a pane in the swimming pool
Heavydrive equipment installing a pane in the swimming pool Image rights:

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