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Heavydrive GmbH invests in new technology for their production site in Pfreimd


Whether in Germany, Kazakhstan or on the Arabian Peninsula – Heavydrive glass transport wagons, panel carts or rolling carts are very much in demand. Within a very short time, the Donauwoerth-based company has become market leader in this sector.

To meet this high demand and deliver the quality required, Heavydrive GmbH puts its trust in state-of-the-art production technology.

The patented-protected HDL transport wagons are manufactured  in Pfreimd, which is located in Upper Palatinate, Germany. The unique glass transport wagon is now available in 15 different models, with more to follow. This quality product requires innovative and automated manufacturing technology.The decision to invest in a new welding robot benefits Heavydrive and its customers. The robot works reliably on professional and accurate weld joints and can be adjusted flexibly for use with different sized batches and different model types. This ensures constant high quality at unbeatable prices!

Managing director Guenther Uebelacker emphasizes: "Our aim is to pool customer-specific demands to develop a series-production product for any worker on any construction site. With the continuous advancement of our products and production processes, this credo can be achieved."The different glass transport wagons and the proper assembly equipment can be bought directly from Heavydrive's main plant in Donauwoerth or specialist dealers worldwide.

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