Low-cost rentals instead of expensive acquisitions

Mit komfortablen Heavydrive Mietangeboten spart der Kunde oft Kosten und Zeit


Varying construction site conditions and evermore demanding architectural concepts require a large, versatile machine park. However, there is one thing many building contractors forget when buying equipment: Often, the acquisition doesn't pay off and renting an assembly crane or a suction system would save time and money. An acquisition only pays off if the equipment is used often and regularly and if the purchasing price or leasing rate is lower than the monthly rental price.

An additional difficulty: Self-owned equipment requires the corresponding, permanently available transport vehicles and skilled drivers and regular training for crane operators. After adding the technical inspection, insurance, maintenance and logistics, monthly four-digit costs quickly add up.


Miete bringt viele Vorteile

Heavydrive GmbH offers comfortable and flexible rental deals. The Donauwoerth-based company has a well-rounded rental park consisting of assembly cranes, vacuum suction systems, glass transport wagons, glass assembly equipment and various transport vehicles. The experienced employees at Heavydrive thoroughly assess the customer's needs to recommend the best equipment for each individual construction site. "Customers can rent, lease or purchase equipment from us. Our customer's benefit is always our top priority", says managing director Guenter Uebelacker.

By planning the operating time and place down to the last detail in advance, all arising costs can be determined from the very beginning. Then, the Heavydrive team makes all arrangements for the delivery and processes at the construction site. As the logistics system at Heavydrive GmbH is very well organised, the equipment is delivered within 24 hours. Delivery times of at least a week, as is the case with purchases, do not apply.

Montagehelfer im Praxiseinsatz

The customer can book a trained operator along with the equipment. That saves time and money. The employees at Heavydrive all have years of practical experience and can operate the equipment quickly and safely even under difficult construction site conditions. Furthermore,Heavydrive operators accept some of the liability for hoisting activities. Another advantage: None of the workers on site have to be ordered away to operate the equipment. The assembly team that is on site can continue working as usual.


A specific real-life example

The flexible MRK 86.0 miniature crane has a bearing load of 2.9 tonnes, a radius of 1.4 metres and a maximum hook height of 8.6 metres. It is compact and extremely powerful. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can even place panes behind scaffolds or eaves. This popular Heavydrive crawler crane costs about 77,900 euros net. That results in a monthly leasing rate of about 1,488 euros. The equipment rental price is 290 euros per day and, depending on the booking, 50 euros per hour for the crane operator. That means that if the miniature crane is purchased, it should be used at least six days per month so it pays off.

Thus, every entrepreneur should carefully think about whether an acquisition really is the best and most economical solution and whether the equipment will pay off in the near future. Renting is often less expensive, saves time and costs and its deployment can be planned down to the last detail in advance. Heavydrive GmbH is a competent partner for this: The company has successfully specialised in the rental and sale of customised assembly solutions and equipment at an international level since nine years and finishes all assembly work reliably and on time.



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