Long-term assignment for a Heavydrive GMG 575 in HafenCity in Hamburg

The Heavydrive GMG 575 glass assembly device is being used to glaze an entire 16-storey building in HafenCity in Hamburg. The glass elements, weighing up to 500 kilograms, are being installed from inside to outside by just one operator. The GMG 575 sets the panes, taking the strain off the back - this operation normally calls for at least three employees.


The mobile window setter installs panes weighing up to 575 kilograms, under load and even overhead, by radio remote control. The unit has an electric drive and therefore operates without emissions. The GMG 575 can be swivelled through 90 degrees and is also able to transport glass panes sideways, through narrow passageways for example.


The Heavydrive assembly aid will be in service at the building for a year. The plan is to glaze one floor every three weeks.

Heavydrive assembly with glass assembly unit GMG 575 in Hamburg's Hafencity
Heavydrive installation with glass assembly device GMG 575 in Hamburg's HafenCity
Image rights: Heavydrive.com

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