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Heavydrive offers diverse innovations in the glass assembly sector

At its in-house fair on Saturday 20 June 2015, Heavydrive GmbH presented its latest assembly and suction devices. The highlights of the fair at the Donauwoerth headquarters were theinnovative systems for positioning particularly large and heavy panes, including the VSG 6000 K with its six-tonne bearing load, and the VSG 3500 with its 3.5-tonne bearing load.

Clever assembly solutions for heavy loads

With a suction length of 18 metres, the VSG 6000 K suction system places glass panes with ease, up to 20 metres long and 3.2 metres wide. This giant was presented at the in-house fair, with a VSG Counterweight 7000 adapted counterweight traverse that has a bearing load of up to seven tonnes.

In addition, the system was equipped with a modification kit that enables curved and wave-shaped panes of up to four tonnes to be lifted. At the company premises, the Heavydrive employees demonstrated to visitors how a façade element can be moved into a vertical position with the utmost ease.  A week after the in-house fair, this system was already being used at a construction site in Brussels, Belgium.

Heavydrive GmbH also demonstrated the ideal device for positioning extremely large glass fins. The VSG 2500 KL 12 glass fin suction system has a bearing load of up to 2.5 tonnes, and a reach of up to 12 metres high and 4.5 metres wide.

With attachable extension arms, the system's suction length can even be extended to 12 metres. It can be used to hydraulically and smoothly turn very tall glass fins by 270 degrees and tilt them 90 degrees. In London, this system has already been successfully used for glazing the Tottenham Court Road Underground station entrance. In addition to this system, Heavydrive GmbH also has a large range of devices for glass fin glazing with various suction heights.

Latest developments for extreme assembly jobs

Heavydrive GmbH introduced its wide range of assembly jigs and miniature cranes to complement its suction systems. At the 10,000 square metre premises, the company presented eight different MRK assembly cranes with bearing loads of up to ten tonnes. Thisextremely flexible assembly equipment is available in various models. The strongest of these, MRK 230.0, even has a bearing load of up to ten tonnes.

The Heavydrive overhead manipulators are available for particularly heavy panes. Combined with a miniature or loading crane, the VSGU 1600 K can lift panes of up to 1.6 tonnes and place them overhead into the mounting opening.

“The demand for large façade elements is growing constantly. That is why we are continuously working to find useful solutions for difficult assembly conditions. We are proud to be able to present our innovations and wide product range at the in-house fair,” says managing director Guenter Uebelacker.


The right device for every construction site

The numerous visitors – including Reinhold Bittner, deputy district chief executive – were given the opportunity to try out the proven smaller Heavydrive assembly equipment. The flexible and high-performance GMG 600 glass assembly equipment is easy to use and has a bearing load of up to one tonne.

Heavydrive GmbH presented the patented product range of HDL glass transport wagonswith bearing loads of up to one tonne. Employees demonstrated the two models from theassembly lift sector: ML 51.0 and ML 79.0, with lifting heights of 5.1 and 7.9 metres, respectively. The lifts manoeuvre loads of up to 300 kilograms with ease, directly onto the façade.

All the devices are ready for worldwide rental from Heavydrive’s main warehouse, and can be delivered in Germany within 24 hours. Heavydrive GmbH can also provide an experienced system consultant on request.

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Everone who wasn't able to visit the in-house fair, can watch our video with many interesting scenes from the fair - or have a look at the strong equipment in the photo gallery.

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