Installation of a 950 kg moulded pane on wet ground in a sloping location


In a small town in Baden-Württemberg, Heavydrive installs a pane weighing 950 kilogrammes in a chalet. Setting the heavy glass element early in the morning on a damp grassy slope presents a real challenge.

No problem for the Heavydrive MRK 195 crawler crane with the VSG 1500 KMHL vacuum suction system. The pane is rotated through 90 degrees by radio remote control.

The crane has a hook height of 19.5 metres. This allows the team to weave the shaped pane behind the scaffolding. The large insulating glass pane is then inserted into the opening.


The crane operator releases the suction system and steers it out from behind the scaffolding without damaging the façade. The mini crane MRK 195 is retracted in no time at all. The individually movable spider legs ensure a safe stance, even on uneven and sloping ground, and can be folded in by just a few actions. When retracted, the spider crane is so compact that it easily fits through narrow entrances.

The rubber crawler chassis ensures that the mini crane can be moved over any surface. It makes short work of even the sloping, muddy slope. Enabling the team to easily steer the assembly crane and load it onto the truck. The vacuum suction system is also quickly and easily unhooked and stowed in the transporter. The installation is completed within hours.

The MRK 195 mini crane and the VSG 1500 KMHL suction unit safely lift the shaped disc into the opening behind the scaffolding
Image rights: Heavydrive GmbH

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