Innovative suction system for installation behind the scaffold

The new, extremely flat Heavydrive VSG 2000 KS can install panes in narrow spaces

Just in time for the Fensterbau Frontale 2016 trade fair, Heavydrive GmbH presents their latest development: The new vacuum suction system VSG 2000 KS has a special, flat building design and was designed for the installation of extremely large and heavy panes behind scaffolds. Starting at a suction range of only 2 x 2 meters, the system can handle its full capacity of 2,000 kilogrammes.

Slender and powerful in one!

The Heavydrive equipment of the VSG KS series stands out through its extremely flat suction pad while at the same time being able to handle high capacities. This is also the case with the new suction system VSG 2000 KS: It has a building depth of only 240 mm and can handle capacities of up to 2 tonnes. This way, it is ideally suitable for the transport and installation of large pane elements behind scaffolds. Thanks to the smart technology of the VSG 2000 KS, elements of up to 3.4 meters in width and up to 8 meters in length can be installed.

The system can be operated with a wire or radio remote control. The VSG 2000 KS can be rotated manually by 360 degrees. Thanks to the hydraulic lowering cylinder it can also be tilted by 90 degrees and can be locked in any position. This way, panes can be installed very accurately.

Easy and safe operation

The new suction cup for the construction site can be easily adapted without much effort to any pane size. That saves time and money. The VSG 2000 KS is available with two slip-on arms. Each of the twelve suction pads can be removed individually. The four extendible arms of the system can be moved in pairs and can be adapted individually to the size of the pane. The intelligent design of the VSG 2000 KS enables you to install panes without deflection on one level to the roof of the façade.

The trolley included transports the system without effort across the construction site. Then, the VSG 2000 KS is attached to the crane and ready for use. With its integrated 2-circuit system, the battery-operated suction cup monitors itself.

New challenges in glass assembly

"Panes and façade elements are always getting larger and heavier. This is why we continuously develop new systems in order to meet the demands for suitable transport and assembly systems“, says managing director Guenter Uebelacker. With the new suction system VSG 2000 KS the company extends its versatile product range of intelligent assembly solutions. At the anniversary presentation in July 2016 in Tapfheim and at the BAU 2017 trade fair in Munich, the company will present its machine park next.

The new suction system has been available for sale and rent since 5 March 2016 at the new Heavydrive company premises in Tapfheim. The first time the VSG 2000 KS will be used in Antwerp in Belgium. There, the system will install panes of 2.6 x 2.6 meters and a weight of 1998 kg in the visitor wall of an animal enclosure.

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