Indoor assembly in Mall of Skandinavia in Stockholm in Sweden


Curved panes were fitted in the shop fronts of many well-known stores like Illum, River Island, Jacki and Nespresso. For example, in the coffee shop Starbucks, Heavydrive GmbH installed eight panes weighing almost 800kg with a radius of 2.3m and measuring 7.6m x 1.6m.

The team even fitted two panes with a radius of 5.8m in the shopping mall cinema. One challenge was assembling the 8m long panes with a width of just 30cm – these were to be used as wall panelling between the individual shop fronts.

The Tapfheim-based company offers vacuum suction systems not only for extremely large and heavy glass elements, but also for glass blades, curved or coated panes and very narrow glass panes from 30cm wide.

In Stockholm the MRK 158 assembly crane with a lifting capacity of up to 3 tonnes was used with the adapted VSGU 1200 KRMH 3-axle manipulator for concave and convex curved panes weighing up to 1.2 tonnes. The hydraulic suction system can be pivoted easily by remote control. With the Heavydrive patented HDL 1000 glass transport wagon, the panes were easily transported to the assembly site and installed on time..

Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm (Sweden)
Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm (Sweden)
Picture: Heavydrive

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