Indoor assembly in Donauwörth secondary school


Heavydrive supplied a MRK 144 crawler crane with mounting jib to assemble casing elements weighing 200 kilograms in the Holy Cross secondary school in Donauwörth. The casing parts were raised in the assembly hall for the lift shaft.

The mini crane has a load capacity of up to 2.9 tonnes (6,393 lbs) and a basic hook height of 14.4 meters (47.2 ft). The MRK 144 is the perfect assembly aid for indoor installations. It has an emission-free electric drive and the special rubber crawler chassis with non-marking chains that make it possible to move the load across floors without a mark.

Other extremely useful features of the crawler crane are its extremely compact design and simple controls. The crane operator was able to manoeuvre the MRK 144 into the assembly hall through the entrances and extend the spider arms there in a confined space without a problem. The casing elements were then attached to the mounting tip, moved behind the scaffolding and over the balcony, and placed on the lift shaft. The customer hired the crane for two weeks and operated it themselves. After some detailed instructions, the customer's installation engineers were able to complete the assembly quickly and without complications using the Heavydrive equipment.

Sicherer und platzsparender Stand des Heavydrive Minikrans MRK 144 in der Aula der Schule
Heavydrive MRK 144 mini crane positioned safely in a small space in the school's assembly hall Image rights:
Transport der Schalungselemente hinter das Baugerüst
Transporting the casing elements behind the scaffolding Image rights:

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