Hovering through the air

Heavydrive masters flight chamber assembly on cruise ship

Body flying is the trend sport of the moment. A turbine produces a strong air stream and lets you hover through the air as if on a parachute jump. This leisure time attraction will also be available for cruise ship passengers in the future: The Meyer shipyard in Papenburg is constructing a cruise ship with a built in flight chamber. Heavydrive, the Donauwoerth-based company is responsible for the assembly.

What is special about this air tower is that it is made entirely of glass. That way, those floating in the air enjoy an amazing view of the sea. The problem is that the funnel-shaped glass towerconsists of six large-scale, assembled panes. On the ground level, there will be a door arch as access. This is a real challenge for the fitters! Heavydrive's glass assembly specialists have the solution.

The vacuum suction unit VSG 1200 KR of theVSG KR series for curved panes can place the 2-times-7-metre panes even under hard construction site conditions. The panes can besuctioned both in the inner and outer radius and can be positioned with indoor cranes. Via remote control, the suction system rotates the panes from a horizontal to a vertical position without any problems.

Since the curved panes are delivered in wooden boxes, the elements can be suctioned right from the box with the VSG 1200 KR and can be positioned without a step in between. Through the top opening of the floatation tower, the glass element is lowered via remote control with ahydraulic tilting function, until the correct installation position is reached.

The demand for transport and assembly devices for curved panes is steadily increasing. For this reason, the Heavydrive rental park continuously offers a broad spectrum of units for the installation of panes weighing up to 1,500 kg – irrespective of the radius and size.

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