Heavydrive stair climber used in the Allianz Arena

In June 2017, a number of steel girders had to be transported to the upper tiers of the Allianz Arena in Munich over several concrete staircases. These girders were the eight additional trusses required to expand the existing floodlighting system, including LED floodlights and the lighting for the entertainment.


The VIP area in Munich’s Allianz Arena is being fitted out with additional lighting towers. The problem is that the steel profiles, at almost 4m long and weighing over 250kg, have to be transported to the top floor via the staircase. The external staircase changes direction on every landing, which made it difficult to use a conventional assembly solution. Heavydrive GmbH has the perfect solution to such a problem: the TT 1300 stair climber with a lifting capacity of up to 1 tonne.

The robust, motorised lifting device easily transported the long steel masts up the 138 steps to the top floor, conquering the eight landings in one go. Beforehand, an experienced Heavydrive device operator had carried out a field test to the amazement of a crowd of more than 20 people. The observers were made up of arena workers, designers, architects, steel engineers and the assembly team. After the contract was awarded, the skilled team from the Munich assembly firm transported all of the heavy, bulky steel profiles within a few weeks.


The mobile stair climber has a rubber crawler track unit and operates using a cable or by battery. This makes it particularly flexible to use and handle. With the TT 1000, it takes just one person to move heavy loads – like vending machines, machinery and plant parts, safes, tank systems or stoves – up and down stairs and steps with a height of up to 32cm. Alongside the TT 1000 power house, Heavydrive GmbH offers a wide range of stair climber devices with lifting capacities of 100kg to 1000kg. All devices are available to rent and to buy.



Heavydrive TT 1300 stair transporter in use in the Allianz Arena
Image rights: Heavydrive.com

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