Heavydrive presents at the GANA BEC Conference 2017

Guenter Uebelacker speaks at the North American forum for glass experts in Las Vegas

The North American market is enthralled by Heavydrive’s successful assembly solutions. Selected companies showcased their products and their potential applications at the three-day GANA Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference in Las Vegas. Representatives from more than 400 businesses in the glass industry such as Tom Jackson (Steel Encounters), Steve Larson (Walters & Wolf), Maic Pannwitz (sedak) and James Carpenter (James Carpenter Design Associates) spoke about the developments and projects on the market. One of the few European guest speakers, Heavydrive managing director Guenter Uebelacker spoke about assembly solutions for XXL panes.

Bild aus dem Publikum der GANA BEC Konferenz
Picture from the audience of the GANA BEC conference
Image: Heavydrive

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) is an association comprising around 300 glass manufacturers, construction companies and equipment suppliers. It encourages members to exchange trends and standards and promotes working together. The glass association organised the GANA BEC Conference 2017 in Las Vegas from 6-8 February 2017. More than 400 experts from the glass industry met together at the forum


Heavydrive solutions win over conference participants

Guenter Uebelacker was invited to speak at the panel discussion alongside representatives from eight other companies. The Heavydrive managing director spoke about Heavydrive’s suction systems, assembly cranes and glass transport wagons and answered questions from the audience. The North American glass specialists were especially interested in the assembly solutions for extremely large and heavy panes. As Guenter Uebelacker explains, “Up to now, they have been working with six to eight-metre long panes in North America. Heavydrive can fit panes up to 18 metres long and weighing up to six tonnes. That is a rarity in the American market and opens up new opportunities for construction companies in the future

Günter Übelacker bei der Podiumsdiskussion
Guenter Uebelacker at the panel discussion
Image: Heavydrive
Günter Übelacker präsentiert die Heavydrive GmbH
Guenter Uebelacker presents Heavydrive
Image: Heavydrive

GANA became aware of the Swabian company through its success in the large-scale project in Salt Lake City. Heavydrive developed custom assembly solutions for the US company Steel Encounters to fit its 3m wide and 10.7m high glass panes weighing 3.2 tonnes, as well as its 10.7m high and 60cm wide glass fins. Using a counterweight traverse with a lifting capacity of 5,000kg in combination with a fin suction system with a lifting capacity of 1,000kg and the adaptable VSG 3500 K 4-circuit system with a 3,500kg lifting capacity, the façade elements were inserted safely and on time, and that was in frosty minus temperatures.

New prospects in the North American market

For Guenter Uebelacker, his visit to the GANA BEC Conference 2017 was a huge success. “The glass industry elites were present in Las Vegas. It was an honour for us to be able to showcase Heavydrive’s assembly solutions there and to make important connections in the American market”, says Guenter Uebelacker. There are currently around ten Heavydrive systems being used in projects in North America

During the GANA 2017 BEC Conference, Mr Übelacker gave an interview and answered the following questions:

  • What is GANA?
  • How did you, Managing Director of Heavydrive GmbH, come to be invited to the GANA Conference?
  • What does being able to present here at the GANA Conference mean for Heavydrive GmbH?
  • What sets Heavydrive GmbH apart from its competitors on the market?
  • How was the Heavydrive presentation received by the GANA Conference attendees?

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