Heavydrive introduces new, high-performance assembly aids to the market


Introducing Heavydrive’s new line of KGK assembly aids: manual cranes with an adjustable extension arm for lifting and manoeuvring panes, slabs, doors and more. The devices are fitted with a counterweight which enables loads of up to 900kg to be lifted and transported safely. The 1.3m extension arm can be set to nine positions. A further 2.3m extension is available for manoeuvring panes under deep overhangs or suspended ceilings.

A vacuum suction system can easily be attached to the Heavydrive KGK assembly jig. Alternatively, a 29m electronic cable winch can be attached to lift heavy elements, for example down several floors from the roof. The assembly aid has six wheels, making it easy and secure to operate. For steady use on uneven terrain, special tyres with a diameter of 400mm are available.

Heavydrive KGK 900 with vacuum suction system
Image rights: Heavydrive.com

A big advantage of the Heavydrive KGK line is that the devices can quickly and easily be dismantled into individual parts if necessary, for example for carrying up and down stairs. The KGK takes an assembly team of two to four people, and offers a range of possibilities, from lifting and transportation to precise manoeuvring of a load.

The Heavydrive KGK 900 is available now to rent and to buy. The device is available in two lengths: a short option with a lifting capacity of up to 745kg or a long option with a lifting capacity of up to 900kg. The first Heavydrive KGK 900 assembly aid is already in use in various construction projects.

Heavydrive KGK 900 with electronic cable winch
Image rights: Heavydrive.com
Heavydrive KGK 900 – counterweights
Image rights: Heavydrive.com

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