Heavydrive installs gigantic panes for private Moscow client

The owners of an exclusive residential building in the Russian capital of Moscow needed to install two insulated glass panes each with a height of 9m and a width of 3m. This was not a problem for Heavydrive’s VSG 4500 KMH suction system with a suction reach of 7.9m and a lifting capacity of 4.5 tonnes.

The 760kg vacuum suction system was packaged for transportation by the experts in the Heavydrive warehouse. The experienced Heavydrive team took care of all necessary customs and transportation documents. Within just 48 hours the system had arrived safely by lorry at its destination in Moscow.

The wintry, below-freezing temperatures did pose a problem in the Russian capital. Since the panes had to be fitted at above 0 degrees Celsius, the general contractors wrapped the whole building to achieve the right temperature for assembly.

Heavydrive VSG 4500 KMH carrying a 3 tonne pane
Image rights: Heavydrive GmbH
Pane transportation at a height of 18m
with Heavydrive technology
Image rights: Heavydrive GmbH


Attached to a truck-mounted crane, the suction system was able to lift the panes, each weighing around 3 tonnes, directly out of the transport crate. The VSG 4500 KMH suction system can be adjusted to a pane length of almost 8m. This meant the pane could be safely transported over the 18m high building and accurately fitted behind the scaffolding.


Within just three hours both façade elements were safely in place and the systems could be transported back to the Heavydrive warehouse in Tapfheim

Huge pane accurately guided behind the narrow scaffolding
Image rights: Heavydrive GmbH

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