Heavydrive innovation to be implemented in London

The Donauwoerth-based company is installing very tall glass fins in the London Underground

Glass fins are the latest challenge for the glass assembly sector. These narrow, very tall bonded glass plates are increasingly being used to replace steel and concrete supports thanks to their stability. For these special assembly jobs, Donauwoerth-based company Heavydrive GmbH offers special systems such as the VSG 2500 KL 12 vacuum suction system. This system, the largest and most powerful available on the market, is currently being used to build an Underground entrance in London.

A new, all-glass entrance is being built at Tottenham Court Road Underground station in London. Glass fins up to 14 metres high and 45 millimetres wide stabilise the structure. The Heavydrive VSG 2500 KL 12 suction system is the perfect solution to the tricky assembly of these extremely tall and heavy glass fins.

vacuum suction system for glass fins by heavydrive
This vacuum suction system has a bearing load of up to 2.5 tonnes and a suction length of 6.25 metres. With attachable extension arms, the system's suction length can even be extended to 12 metres. The VSG 2500 KL 12 can be used to manoeuvre the very tall glass fins in the London Underground by hydraulically and smoothly turning them 270 degrees and tilting them 90 degrees. The dual-circuit vacuum system guarantees the highest safety levels during assembly.

The VSG 2500 KL 12 is an innovation on the market. So far, there is no comparable system that is able to place glass fins of this extreme height and weight as safely and easily as this machine. The Heavydrive suction system will be used in London for two to three weeks. The work on the Tottenham Court Road Underground station entrance is planned to be completed in 2015.

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