Heavydrive brings new vacuum suction units onto the market

The VSG 3500 K lifts large-sized and heavy panes weighing up to 3.5 tonnes


Heavydrive GmbH shows flexibility and innovative power, even overseas. For three large projects in the Washington D.C. area (USA), a customer needed highly efficient mounting equipment to mount extremely large panes weighing 3.2 tonnes.


The VSG 3500K vacuum suction unit is the perfect solution: The unit lifts up to 10 meter long and 3.2 meter wide panes. Glass plates or façade elements of up to 3.5 tonnes can be rotated vertically and positioned flatly in a 90-degree angle during mounting tasks.

Also when it comes to safety, the VSG 3500 K vacuum suction unit cannot be beat. The unit is battery-powered and has a 4-circuit system. This corresponds to the currently highest safety standards. Furthermore, in contrast to other manufacturers, the Heavydrive units have been designed in such manner that no further safety measures are necessary.

Already in January, a customer was convinced by the efficiency of the Heavydrive mounting devices. During a test run in the American East Coast, the VSG 2500 K vacuum suction unit with a bearing load of 2.5 tonnes and a 2-circuit system was used and it enthused the testers in every aspect.


Versatile vacuum suction units for every challenge

Apart from the VSG 3500 K, Heavydrive also offers other versatile units with an extremely high bearing load. Three further large suction units are currently in production for international customers. Furthermore, the lifting and transportation specialist has vacuum suction units with a bearing load of 2,500 kilos, 3,000 kilos, 4,000 kilos and 5,000 kilos that are freely available for rent. On-time delivery is thus always ensured.

The suction units from the VSG product group have been specifically developed for large-sized and heavy panes. The VSG 5000 K even is the largest unit available on the market. It lifts panes weighing up to 5 tonnes, with up to 10 metres length and 3.2 metres width.

All units can vertically rotate and tilt glass panes and even completely prefabricated façade elements by 90 degrees via remote control. This makes it possible to mount the glass plate flat into the frame, for example.


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